Phil & Amity win The Block: All Stars

Photo12panPhil & Amity have won The Block: All Stars after a rollercoaster auction in Bondi.

Three of the four houses attracted huge bids but one house only just eclipsed its reserve price.

Final results were:

Phil and Amity
Reserve: $1.375m
Sold: $1.67m
Profit: $295,000
Prize: $100,000

Josh and Jenna
Reserve: $1.375m
Sold: $1.65m
Profit: $275,000.

Dan and Dani
Reserve: $1.355m
Sold: $1.575m
Profit: $220,000.

Mark and Duncan (and Dale)
Reserve: $1.345m
Sold: $1.37m
Profit: $25,000

Photo1blAs TV dramas go, the auction had it all:  Shocked faces, joy, tears and disappointment.

The relatively small profit for Mark and Duncan contrasted to the huge amounts won by their teammates, and it was hard to hide their pain. Host Scott Cam struggled for words to make them feel better after their sluggish auction.

In accrued value, Dan & Dani still rule The Block, now having amassed $660,000 across two seasons.

The All Stars series has performed well for Nine, particularly in the face of bumper ratings by Seven’s My Kitchen Rules. It hovered around the 1m mark for much of the series but enjoyed a late surge at around 1.5m.

Nine is already promoting a second, full season to air later this year when it returns to Melbourne to renovate the former South Melbourne bizMotel. Branded as “The Block Skyhigh” it sees 5 teams from 5 states renovating entire floors.

It will air later this year.


  1. Is anyone else sick of the re-runs after each ad break? I’d much prefer to see more of the work the contestants are doing than have to see the same thing over and over again. Other style TV shows don’t insult our intelligence by repeating what we just saw before the ad breaks – just the reality TV shows.

  2. I’m not suggesting any collusion was going on,and have never attended an auction,but is it just me or was the last bid that jumped the price from 1.603 to 1.670 kinda excessive at that point in the proceedings?The bidding had seemed to stall, increments had dropped down to about 5k, when suddenly a massive bump up of 67k gets Phil and Amity just past J&J. for the win…and all this in the shadow of Phil and Amity’s rejected plan to offer promotional inducements to the successful buyer of their property.I have to believe that the show would insist on and be confident of an arm’s length relationship between bidder and contestant,but just thought that last bid was curious.

  3. Poor Mark and Duncan. But, it was their own fault to a degree. I don’t think there was a single room in their house which I liked “as is”.

    The bizarre decorating and furnishings would mean that almost anyone who moved in would be looking to “renovate” straight away. At least with the other three houses they were “bland” enough to suit anyone and “plain” enough to allow the purchaser to make their own distinctive mark.

  4. Mark and Duncan decorated the house in an idiosyncratic style for TV.

    The price they got is what the land and basic building are worth. You could remodel it and flip it for a profit.

  5. Happy that Phil and Amity won. But it was sad for Mark and Duncan to get so little compared to the others. Though $12,500 each for 6 weeks work isn’t too bad.

    Looking forward to the new series. Finally more people from other states.

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