Please Like Me: Mar 21

5plmI’m a bit annoyed with Josh Thomas and we may not be on speaking terms when next our paths cross.

But it’s only due to where he takes the plot this week on Please Like Me.

Clever little shit.

Rose confronts Alan about his younger girlfriend, Mae – which sparks a heated argument.

Geoffrey surprises Josh with tickets for the footy. Josh tries to be polite and involved, but it’s clear that he is out of his depth. Geoffrey, meanwhile, is having the time of his life barracking for his team. He gets carried away and finds himself and Josh ejected from the game.

The humiliation is too much for Josh, and it’s over between them … again.

9:30pm Thursday ABC2.


  1. Maev. Thanks for your contribution. There was no disrespect. Last time I checked, this blog accepted differing opinions on subjects. I expressed mine. David expressed his, which on face value says my perception is not reallity. It’s how a free society like Australia is supposed to be should works.

  2. I almost quit this series after 1 ep, but i stuck with it and now am really enjoying it’s quirkiness. It’s great to have a gay character in a lead role for once. Josh Thomas should be commended. For someone so young he has put together some very good characters and wry observations on life.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    @ cnrmlj…..I am tired of saying this…but this is David Knox’s blog….and he can basically say or do what he likes…it seems to me some folk do not understand the concept of …a blog…If….he wanted to plug this show everyday….6 times a day….it is his right…
    I come into this site…because I like and appreciate what DK does…if you do not…start you own blog…and talk about the 100 show you want to talk about…anyone can..nothing stopping you….but do not disrespect someone elses house when you visit.

  4. This would have to be the best show on tv at the moment . Its a shame the ABC have put it on ABC2 . Brilliant story lines brilliant acting fantastic characters just The best show.

  5. I love this show, it’s just so fresh and out of the box. I am a bit bored now with watching contestants worried about getting chickens in the oven on time – or they could be going home. It has it’s place,but diversity of TV shows is good. More original shows like Please Like Me would be great.

  6. This show seems to get a special review / free plug every week yet there are 100s of other shows that are better that don’t get any mention. It is a rubbish show. Plugging it each week won’t fix that.

  7. The series appears to be improving. Or perhaps it’s just a matter of getting used to the bizarre style of humour.

    The most recent episode was probably my favourite and I like how they balance the humour with the darker moments, like when Josh gets ditched by the guy from the club when buying slushees or Aunt Peg’s depression over not being able to drive and the death of her husband.

  8. I was never a huge fan of Josh but this show has really grown on me…it is more quirky than laugh out load…but that is what I am loving! The support cast is also fairly strong! If you are up to Ep 4 and still bagging it…maybe its time you moved on!

  9. Haven’t seen an ep yet as Josh gives me the tom tits but the other bloke looks like he’s wearing a Pies guernsey so may have a look.

  10. seriouslysquare

    If you have never seen any of Josh’s stand up then you won’t get his sense of humour or the humour of the show. It’s all about those moments in life that go horribly. awkwardly wrong.

  11. I like josh Thomas, I wanted this show to work, but its just not very good, bordering on hide-behind-the-cushion cringeworthy at times.
    No wonder the ABC demoted it from the main channel to ABC2

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