Reality battle between two titans leaves TEN on the floor

Ratings: The battle between My Kitchen Rules and The Block was a fair fight, but MasterChef was fourth in its timeslot.

2013-03-12_0958Monday night was a battle of two Reality shows: My Kitchen Rules and The Block.

Tassie’s likeable lads Mick and Matt were sent packing from Seven’s cook-off after losing to Adelaide’s Jenna and Joanna.

Meanwhile Nine’s All Stars version of The Block is enjoying a late surge with the audience now heavily invested in some colluding between Dan & Dani and Josh & Jenna against Phil & Amity. It’s certainly amped up the drama.

In the end the night went Seven’s way, with TEN a long way behind.

Seven network shares were 33.5%, then Nine 29.5%, ABC 19.9%, TEN 13.3% and SBS 3.9%.

MKR was 1.87m for Seven then Seven News (1.33m), Today Tonight (1.16m), Revenge (1.16m), Home and Away (932,000), Deal or No Deal (585,000) and How I Met Your Mother (526,000 / 423,000).

The Block did well with 1.47m for Nine followed by Nine News (1.25m), Big Bang (1.16m / 948,000), A Current Affair (1.07m), Two and a Half Men (699,000), Hot Seat (653,000) and Person of Interest (450,000). Footy Classified was 155,000 in 3 states.

ABC News (970,000) led ABC1 then great numbers for Media Watch (902,000), followed by Four Corners (887,000), Australian Story (816,000), 7:30 (759,000) and Q & A (631,000).

Another tough night for TEN unable to rise above TEN News (712,000). The Project was some way behind on 476,000, Masterchef was 469,000, Can of Worms was 428,000, The Simpsons was 360,000 and Hawaii Five-0 was 274,000.

SBS ONE also struggled with World News Australia (155,000), Man vs Wild and Mythbusters (both 126,000) and RocKwiz (119,000).

Sunrise: 323,000
Today: 316,000
ABC News Breakfast: 44,000 / 22,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 11 March 2013

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  1. I love Hawaii Five-0 too and don’t understand why it doesn’t rate better. It’s a huge success in the US, don’t understand why it isn’t here too. It’s a great show.

  2. It’s a shame that Masterchef Professionals doesn’t have all the fake over the top rubbish drama that MKR has, otherwise more people would watch it. I watch both MKR & MCP and the latter is far superior in cooking, skill & challenges, yet MKR rates better. It’s about the casting, marketing & fake drama in my opinion.
    I wonder if the Block is just rating well now due to the on-set drama.
    Thanks for a great site David, and your tireless work.

  3. Wonder if MKR will hold its numbers now the fave pair have gone…they always seem to be in all the ads….and heavily promoted……
    I dont watch..but interest in the ratings tousle

  4. Channel 10 is becoming a joke!! Very sad to watch them sink lower and lower in the ratings.
    But than again, if you don’t have the content, you won’t get the audience.
    Maybe time for Channel 10 to go off air, regroup, rebadge itself, and get some new programs before a big launch. Unfortunately it takes money, and I don’t think they have it. RIP!!

  5. @Pete, Yes, put is somewhere but don’t wipe it like they did before. I Know the ratings are low but it is the only one of a few dramas i watch. Shame so many are missing out on a great show.

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