Renewed: Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest, Survivor.

CBS also renews 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Blue Bloods, The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.

2013-03-28_1050CBS has renewed a slew of its titles as follows:

There are additional seasons ordered for its dramas

NCIS: Los Angeles,
Person of Interest,
Hawaii Five-0,
The Mentalist,
Blue Bloods
The Good Wife

CSI was already renewed for a 14th season.

2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly will also return, joining the previously renewed How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.

Unscripted series renewed include:
The Amazing Race,
Undercover Boss

Survivor has been renewed for one season instead of its usual two.

The Hollywood Reporter notes negotiations are continuing with CBS and Warner Bros. Television for an 11th season of Two and a Half Men, with all signs pointing to a likely return.

Not included yet are:
Criminal Minds,
CSI: New York,
Rules of Engagement,
Golden Boy

CSI: NY, which recently finished its ninth season, saw ratings dip this year, averaging just a 1.4 rating with adults 18-49 and 9.6 million viewers. Criminal Minds, from ABC Studios, has averaged a 3.0 in adults 18-49, averaging 15 million total viewers.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve been frustrated about Mike & Molly too. It’s annoying when they bring it back for a few episodes and then take it off.

    I was wondering when Touch was coming back too, it’s just started in the US.

  2. Enjoy the good wife. Glad its getting another season. Quite like mike and molly but have given up ever seeing that show due to channel nines appalling treatment. I mean how do you expect a show to get an audience when you show a few episodes take it off and then repeat the same thing some months later. They are so far behind. Enjoying the current season of parenthood. Watched from the start due to being on after packed to the rafters but was goin to give it up if it didn’t improve. Have enjoyed the introduction of ray romano and the cristina cancer situation has been done well. Hope it atleast gets another season.

  3. the show vegas wont get cancelled its hits 9 to 10mill in ratings on a friday night which friday is a dead night i dont know why ten took it off it would of gone great with elementary on a sunday or a wednesday and can someone find out if ten is gone play season two of the show touch and when channel nine actually complete season 2 of mike & molly because thats a great show.

  4. I’d be surprised if Two and a Half Men doesn’t get picked up again. It’s funny how at one point TBBT was riding the 2.5 Men coat tails but now that has reversed with TBBT easily out rating the older show.

    Still waiting on news from NBC for Parenthood, but that might not come until May.

  5. That’s great, I watch all those shows except NCIS. Not sure about CSI:NY, since Miami’s gone, it could be next. I didn’t bother with Vegas, thought I read somewhere it had been axed over there. I like Criminal Minds too so hope it gets renewed.

    I agree, I don’t know why Hawaii Five-0 doesn’t rate better here, especially since there’s an Aussie in it. It’s the only reason I bothered with it as I hadn’t watched the original, but I love it. It’s a great show and huge in the US.

  6. Elementary has been fantastic, every episode.

    Person of Interest has become rather formulaic but is still entertaining. I hope Golden Boy gets a second season as it is my favourite CBS show in years, but it probably won’t be renewed from the looks of the ratings.

  7. Very pleasantly surprised by Elementary. So glad they didn’t remake Sherlock or give Holmes an American accent. It’s not as excellent as Sherlock but stands by itself as a decently written show. And the two leads are great.

  8. Loving that Person of Interest is getting a third season. In the list of series they haven’t decided on, my guess is Criminal Minds is safe, not sure about the others. There was same talk about axing Vegas, although I’m not sure where that stands now.

  9. Vegas actually has more viewers than The Good Wife and The Mentalist, but they were nearly all over 50. It had similar 18-49s but that is not good enough for a first year series, it has been moved to Fridays and will likely be cancelled.

    Elementary and Person of Interest were doing well and were always likely to be renewed. The Good Wife was likely to be renewed because that would take it into syndication. The Mentalist looked like a close call though.

  10. This is great news as I watch nearly every one of those series! Although I love CSI NY and Criminal Minds they have had a good run so it wouldn’t be terrible if they were canned. Rules of Engagement is a great sitcom but when it was renewed last May it was expected it would be it’s last as it would get them over the 100 episode syndication mark (here is the TV Tonight article on it http://tvtonight.com.au/2012/05/renewed-rules-of-engagement.html ) I loved Vegas on TEN but given that it has been dropped from the schedule indefinitely, it doesn’t exactly give great confidence as to its future here let alone over in the U.S. where its ratings are pretty terrible.

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