Returning: Before the Game

btg-MickBefore the Game makes its season return to TEN on Saturday March 23rd.

It airs at 6:30pm  in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Tonight Dave Hughes, Andrew Maher, Mick Molloy, Anthony Lehmann and Ryan Fitzgerald are all back again to entertain and enlighten footy fans with the more unusual aspects and characters of the game.

Viewers in Sydney and Brissy will have to wait until 12:30am Sunday March 24.


  1. @William: All you said (and I quote) “It’s coming back ONE on Thrusday April 4 at 7.30pm”, and no reference to NRL, Game or Plan.

  2. @ William – thanks for letting us know about The Game Plan. Stupid move by TEN for not launching it till round 5! I know they didn’t get the rights last year but I thought they would have been able to remember when the season started nevertheless.

  3. I’m missing The Game Plan on TEN. It’s the best NRL show on TV, and going into the second round this weekend it sucks missing all the game analyses and predictions. Definitely a bad move by TEN not to bring it back.

  4. I second the bid for Angela Pippos – she’s was a great fill in and would be ideal.

    Although she recently had a baby so may want a break…

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