Returning: Jerseylicious

jrsyFor fans of softly-scripted series Jerseylicious, Season Five begins on Style this week, picking up  after Olivia’s shock announcement that she was leaving both Anthony and Gayle’s salons to try her luck as an independent consultant.

All without anybody moving their hair…

This season, Style will delve deeper into the complex and interwoven lives of these fiery stylists. For four seasons, viewers have been following the intense rivalry between makeup artist Olivia and hair stylist Tracy. These girls have fought over anything and everything, from guys to friends, clients and clothes. Now, unusual circumstances will see their relationship take an unexpected turn as they team up to take on Gigi, who has shed her ‘good girl’ image, speaking her mind no matter who it hurts.

Also this season, Olivia contemplates returning to Anthony Robert Salon in a new role, while using his salon as home base for her new company. Olivia’s plans intimidate Tracy, whose focus of late has shifted from her career, to planning her wedding. However, her family’s disapproval of her relationship with fiancé Corey dampens Tracy’s enthusiasm for her upcoming wedding.

As Gayle adjusts to the loss of Olivia at the Gatsby, Anthony, who is finally settled in his new salon space, looks for innovative ways to expand his business. Anthony’s plans include producing a book that is a retrospective on great moments in New Jersey history as depicted through hair and makeup styles.

Thursday, April 4 at 9:30pm on Style.

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