Returning: Who Do You Think You Are?

A brand new season returns to SBS next month, beginning with Adam Hills.

image001ahLooking forward to a brand new season of Who Do You Think You Are? returning to SBS next month.

Appearing in this season are Susie Porter, John Howard, Rove McManus, Asher Keddie, Don Hany, Michael Caton, Lex Marinos and the first candidate, Adam Hills.

“It just makes me really humble. My people before me put themselves on the line and went through some really dark times.” – Adam Hills

Comedian and popular television presenter Adam Hills traces the desperate journeys undertaken by his migrant ancestors when the new Australian series of Who Do You Think You Are? begins at 7:30pm Tuesday 2 April on SBS ONE.

Although Adam is aware of the migrant ancestry on his mother’s side, the stories of what brought his two great grandfathers to Australia in the early 20th century have never been told.

Great grandfather Oscar Kluckhenn’s past is very much a mystery, having arrived in Australia in 1907 at age twenty. He met and married his wife Vera and was working as a waiter in one of Melbourne’s finest hotels. But as World War I loomed, life became difficult for those of Austrian origins and Oscar gave up his Austrian nationality to protect himself and his family. Adam sets out to find out about the family Oscar left behind, and discovers the tragic truth behind Oscar’s family.

Adam also traces the story of great grandfather Joseph Vassallo’s journey from Malta, and discovers another tale of migration through desperation. The great depression that beset Malta from around 1910 meant mass unemployment, and Joseph was one of many that took the risk to find a new home on the other side of the world. While in Malta, Adam manages to trace the Vassallo family all the way back to 1460 and to wealthy nobleman, Matteo Vassallo. But the massive inventory of Matteo’s material possessions divulges an item that gives away the true source of his great wealth, with Matteo revealed to be a pirate.

Who Do You Think You Are? is produced by Artemis International and Serendipity Productions for SBS.

7:30pm Tuesday 2 April on SBS ONE.

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  1. Some good subjects..think Kerry O’brien’s episode was their highest rated.Another cool feature of this series, and I hope they carry it on, is a live q&a on the website right after the episode ends.When Kerry went online after,he stayed for over an hour..was packed with questions and people discovering links to their own past from stuff he’d dug up about himself..was interesting.The show from Britain that sbs runs is good too…recently featured 2 awesome episodes with Melissa George,Ainsley Harriott..both uncovering prison pasts.

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