Rhys wins MasterChef: The Professionals

29 year old Rhys Badcock is Australia's first MasterChef:The Professionals champ.

MCP S1 Ep25 Final29 year old Rhys Badcock has won MasterChef:The Professionals after defeating finalists Sarah Knights and Rhett Willis.

Badcock, who splits his time between Byron Bay and Broome, scored 50 points over a gruelling three-round finale, defeating Sarah and Rhett who tied on 48 points.

He wins a $200,000 cash prize and a trip around the world to gain experience alongside international chefs.

The two runners up were given $10,000 each.

The finale brought to a close TEN’s series which has struggled in the ratings this year. Thumped by My Kitchen Rules, the series sank to figures in the low 400,000s -hardly reflective of the success of the brand or the buzz surrounding celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

The finale consisted of three rounds, an Invention Test with guest David Chang, a Marco Pierre White Pressure Test, and a Restaurant Service Challenge cooking for 120 of Australia’s best chefs including Shannon Bennett and Donovan Cooke.

Rhett won the first round but slipped up with his dessert. Sarah’s timing in the third round nearly saw service suspended, while Rhys delivered consistent meals.

All three contestants were kept in the dark on who had won right up until late yesterday. The show filmed three alternate endings in order to prevent leaks from ruining the win.

Rhys was typically laid-back about his victory. He plans to use the prize money to buy an old car and visit his mum in Western Australia, and invest in a restaurant.

“To travel around the world and cook in some of the world’s best restaurants is going to be amazing. I’m the winner, but we’re all winners,” he said.

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  1. The fact is: Sara has given up her immunity and gave it in a silver plate to Rhys, so why has she struggled so hard to earn that immunity to give for free? If she had used for herself, for sure Rhys would have been eliminated in the next challenge and she would not have to face him at the final battle and, worse, lose it!

  2. Rhys seems like a nice guy and a good cook. However the other two were better and there were other better chefs.

    However it’s about winning masterchef, not about actually finding who is the best chef, or who is the best at cooking.

  3. Thanks David, shows how naive I have been to assume the finales were done live.

    I did know a couple of years ago how far ahead MasterChef were, as George & Gary weren’t at the Logies because they were filming in the UK, and it didn’t go to air till about July.

  4. Sorry to sound like a grouch and regardless of what was recorded when and how many endings etc., I was disappointed, but only a little, and think the fact that all 3 finalist needed assistance to cook for the number invited, and could have caused undeserved problems, but it was probably all only for theatre anyway.

    But if not, and they wanted to have so many there, why didn’t they use all the other contestants(non finalist) to cook for them, equally under the time pressures, and let the 3 finalists, each create and present a signature dish of their own.

    But one thing to me was that with MCP, I could never tell when and how far ahead each segment had been recorded, but last night MKR were at the Melbourne Cup, which is sort of a bit of a give away, this now makes me even more aware of how Seven seems to have been playing us for fools with their TV advertised and published programme times, I have in fact stopped buying printed TV programmes and/or newspapers with TV inserts because any relationship between to what goes to air, and what is supposedly programmed, can be so far out or just not shown at all, it is a joke.

    Am I now wrong in again thinking that all of their prerecorded programmes over run finishes are now definitely premeditated, because just with MKR given that length of time span, even taking post filming editing into account, Seven would have known virtually to the Nth degree, as to how long each segment including advertising would have taken, yet they still would not tell us with a reasonable ammount of adanced notice, and sure they have now extended segment lengths to 1 hour 15 min. but this just means they can crib another 5 to 10 minute overun when ever it suits.

  5. It takes away from the show though to know that their reactions are fake and they are just acting because they filmed all 3 of them as the winners. I prefer genuine reactions from people who aren’t paid actors, I guess reality TV really is just as fake if not more so than regular TV. If they are keeping them in suspense for that long anyway why not just get them back in for the finale and give us the real reactions to the true verdict, pretty sure they have done this with previous years.

  6. I hope they do a 2nd series…I reallly enjoyed it….but I did miss the last show….
    @ syoung ….so you must have sat and watched it all to decide it was boring…or are you simply making assumptions about something you did not watch.

  7. If they do decide to do another series, hopefully they will have more sense and not put it up against MKR. That was a huge mistake.

    I had thought they filmed the whole series ahead, but the finale was live. Isn’t that how they usually do it?

    I had hoped Sarah would win, but was happy for anyone to win except Rhett. Rhys getting a higher score than Sarah for the terrine was ridiculous. Sarah’s was the only one that didn’t fall apart. Rhys had too many leeks till Sarah pointed out to him and he didn’t even bother to read the recipe.

    Be interesting to see if Biggest Loser rates better.

  8. Congratulations to Rhys on winning Masterchef: The Professionals. A very deserving winner.
    And I’m glad Sarah and Rhett didn’t go home empty handed.
    I hope TEN makes another series. I thought it was a great show. Better that MKR.

  9. Oh well, does anyone else think that filming three seperate endings is both silly and cruel. Obviously if te finalists don’t know who has won then they are sincere – if they do then the filning …
    What do they think once they know they have not in fact won – is it in theri contract not to talk aout this?

  10. so glad Rhys won, sad to say i can’t see Masterchef The professionals returning for a second season, very bad ratings, i enjoyed the season but i don’t think it will return 🙁

  11. I thought it was far from dull and very entertaining. The difference between the professionals and the amateurs in the traditional Masterchef is huge.
    Plus it’s fun watching Matt Preston become more and more of a caricature of himself.

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed this series and whilst I didn’t mind Rhys (good on him for the win!) I was in Team Sarah. Hopefully, more people will have drifted back to Ten to give season 2 the support it deserves.

  13. Didn’t think the final was that great last night. Don’t really think anyone produced that great dishes. They were given 5s and 6s for some dishes in that episode.Have seen much better final episodes in normal Masterchef. It was a bit of a fizzer really. There were much better episodes during the series such as the Cameron and Michael elimination.

  14. I really enjoyed this series too and loved Marco Pierre White. He was always a gentleman in every sense of the word.

    I’m so disappointed that Rhys won as I feel like he fluked his way through this competition. I wanted Sarah to win as she was the most consistent performer.

  15. Congratulations to Rhys he is a deserving winner although I was going for Sarah. It was a great series and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I don’t understand the low ratings. I am sorry it’s over i’m missing it already!

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