SBS 2 re-launch guide

What can you expect of the new-look SBS 2?

2013-03-20_0059_aSBS 2 relaunches in a week and a half with a new-look prime-time schedule aimed at 16 – 39 year olds.

It features a mix of ecelectic comedies, drama, light entertainment, movies, music and sport, mostly from overseas.

Amongst the highlights are:
From Emmy Award-winning directors Joe and Anthony Russo (Arrested Development), Community, the critically acclaimed comedy series about higher education – and lower expectations – finds a home on SBS 2.

Benidorm Bastards
Much more than a hidden camera show, the Emmy Award-winning comedy from Belgium, Benidorm Bastards, stars seven elderly men and women who leave younger generations dumbstruck with their unexpected and plainly outspoken behaviour and pranks.

Bullet in the Face (pictured)
Wildly violent, bloody and unabashedly politically incorrect, Bullet in the Face is a new, viciously funny action comedy series, written and directed by Alan Spencer (Sledge Hammer!). Filmed in Montreal with a star studded cast including Eddie Izzard (Valkyrie), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), and Max Williams (Shameless), the series is gleefully juvenile, broadly parodying graphic-novel noir films such as Sin City.

Russell Howard’s Good News
Russell Howard is one of the UK’s most successful stand-up comedians. With his boy next door charm and seamless mix of irreverent pop culture chatter, cynicism and satire, he offers a hilarious and unique take on the news in the topical comedy show, Russell Howard’s Good News.

Don’t Tell My Mother…
For the past ten years, Diego Buñuel has been a foreign correspondent for French Television covering all kinds of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Congo. Every time he left for one of his stories, he would tell his production crew in the Paris office, “Don’t tell my mother I am in Colombia, it makes her really nervous.”

In this seven-part comedy series, Alice, Mitch and Ritchie are three best friends on the brink of 30. Party boys and girls in London, they’re an incredibly close trio who have always done everything together: Alice is a high-maintenance princess who always wants everything her own way, Mitch is her fiancé who always thought that he’d never have a snowball’s chance in hell of being her fiancé, and Ritchie is Alice’s gay best friend and Mitch’s best mate – who, deep down, Alice had always thought of as being the unobtainable man of her dreams.

Him & Her
Him & Her is a six-part anti-romantic comedy series about Steve (Russell Tovey, Being Human) and Becky (Sarah Solemani, Bad Education) a young couple deeply in love, often in bed and rarely in employment.

Graffiti Wars
To some, Graffiti is art, to others it’s a sign we have lost control of our cities. Since Roman times graffiti has been a form of anti-establishment rebellion. But today it is transcending social nuisance to gain cultural and artistic credibility, unprecedented prices at auction, and even Presidential and Prime Ministerial approval.

Exit Through the Gift Shop
Exit Through the Gift Shop is an incendiary true story of low-level criminality, companionship and incompetence. The program follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur filmmaker, Thierry Guetta, whose apparent compulsion to videotape every moment of his life led him to document the phenomenon of contemporary street art.

It also features PopAsia, Cycling, UEFA Europa League, Marngrook Footy Show,  Tales of the Night with erotic drama stories from South Korea and If You Are the One, China’s speed dating show based on Australia’s Taken Out.

Monday April 1
6:00 pm Unbeatable Banzuke rpt
6:30 pm The World Game: A-League Finals Special
7:00 pm Community
7:30 pm The Antics Roadshow
8:30 pm Benidorm Bastards
9:00 pm The Dudesons in America
9:30 pm Bullet in the Face
10:00 pm Bullet in the Face
10:25 pm Russell Howard’s Good News
11:00 pm Swift & Shift Couriers rpt
11:30 pm Frisky Dingo
11:50 pm Aqua Teen Hunger Force
12:05 am Weatherwatch Overnight

Tuesday April 2
6:00 pm Unbeatable Banzuke rpt
6:30 pm Ninja Warrior
7:00 pm Community
7:30 pm Mythbusters rpt
8:30 pm Don’t Tell My Mother
9:30 pm Warrior Road Trip
10:25 pm Russell Howard’s Good News
11:00 pm Autopsy: Life and Death
12:00 am Weatherwatch Overnight

Wednesday April 3
6:00 pm Unbeatable Banzuke rpt
6:30 pm Ninja Warrior
7:00 pm Community
7:30 pm Mythbusters rpt
8:30 pm UEFA Champions League rpt
10:00 pm 10:00 pm The Arecibo Message rpt
10:30 pm Russell Howard’s Good News
11:05 pm The Tales of Nights
12:00 am Weatherwatch Overnight

Thursday April 4
6:00 pm Unbeatable Banzuke rpt
6:30 pm Ninja Warrior
7:00 pm Community
7:30 pm UEFA Champions League Hour
8:30 pm Threesome
9:00 pm Him & Her
9:30 pm Graffiti Wars
10:25 pm Russell Howard’s Good News
11:00 pm The Marngrook Footy Show
12:05 am Weatherwatch Overnight

Friday April 5
6:00 pm Unbeatable Banzuke rpt
6:30 pm Ninja Warrior
7:00 pm Community
7:30 pm UEFA Europa League Highlights
8:30 pm If You Are the One
9:30 pm Indie Sex rpt
10:45 pm Russell Howard’s Good News
11:20 pm Bullet in the Face rpt
11:50 pm Bullet in the Face rpt
12:20 am Weatherwatch Overnight

Saturday April 6
6:00 pm PopAsia
7:10 pm Black Cab Sessions USA rpt
7:40 pm Iron Chef rpt
8:30 pm MXC
9:00 pm Shorts on Screen rpt
9:35 pm Exit Through the Giftshop
11:10 pm Threesome rpt
11:40 pm Him & Her rpt
12:15 am Weatherwatch Overnight

Sunday April 7
6:00 pm Cycling Central
6:35 pm Kung Fu Changed My Life
7:30 pm G * Wars
8:30 pm MXC
9:00 pm Film: The French Kissers rpt
10:40 pm Film: Noi the Albino rpt
12:20 am PopAsia
2:20 am Weatherwatch Overnight


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  1. I am as old as dirt….but there are a few things I will watch…..
    I do not see Doc Martin France…ep.6 of series 2 is next Monday…and Freeview is showing that as the last….but there is still series 3…6 episodes…wonder what is happening there…..hope SBS have not just dumped it.

  2. Good effort SBS2 – just consistently play them all in some sembelence of order, without last minute schedule changes and on time and you will pick up some viewers and advertisers (*take note other commercial TV stations)

  3. I’ll be checking out many of these new programs, but can’t SBS2 show SBS Two’s old schedule of international cinema & docos during graveyard times? Midnight is a little early for WeatherWatch, me thinks. NITV really shouldn’t be their only 24/7-Eleven channel.

  4. All of this is better than most of the rubbish on Seven, Nine and Ten. I wouldn’t expect South Park to be on SBS2, it would be one of the better rating shows on the main channel. Looking forward to Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke the most.

  5. It’s great to see Community back on Australian TV. The new season does have obvious differences to the previous 3 seasons, but it’s still a funny show.
    Are these episodes new or repeats?

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