Seven highlights post-Easter

Seven has confirmed some of its key titles coming between Easter and June 30.

2013-03-11_1122 aSeven has confirmed some of its key titles for Quarter 2 of 2013 – that’s anytime between Easter and June 30 for the rest of us.

These include:

A Place to Call Home (pictured)
New drama series from Bevan Lee (Packed to the Rafters, Winners & Losers), featuring Marta Dusseldorp, Brett Climo and Noni Hazlehurst.

House Rules
Seven’s new renovation Reality series from the team behind My Kitchen Rules.

Celebrity Splash
Stars try their luck from a high diving board after being trained by a diving expert.

Stars Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne, exploring the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and a young FBI profiler, before he became the world’s most famous serial killer.

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  1. Really looking forward to A Place Called Home, looks like a good show from the ads.

    Another show missing from that line up was Dancing With The Stars. It usually starts on the same night as the Logies & MasterChef usually starts that night too. A very busy night for me.

  2. I hope they treat Celebrity Splash like they treated the return of Its a Knockout – as silly, ridiculous, food natured fun.
    This show will be perfect for 6.30pm Sundays (just as IAK was) – get some comedians as commentators (what about that Kiwi ‘Kat’ comedian – I cant remember her surname – she’s hilarious). Donate some money to charity, keep it really fun – no-one take it too seriously etc.
    I think there is definitely a place for it – sometimes people want to watch something that is pure fun that they dont have to think about too much.

  3. I watched the trailer for A Place Called Home, here’s me thinking it might be different but what do you know, it’s looking like Revenge. Even down to the photo of Marta Dusseldorp

  4. I mean seriously ATV you just knock off version a popular UK show and people don’t know what your trying todo?

    Come on be original instead of giving outs Packed to the Rafter of Downton Abbey

  5. Really looking forward to Hannibal, by Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies). Can’t see it actually staying on Seven though as it’s probably considered too “niche” for mainstream viewing. People prefer tripe like Packed To The Rafters.

  6. So Red Widow, (which Channel 7 were spruiking along side its US premiere last week), is not on the list.

    Probably not a surprise given it’s disastrous ratings and panning in the US resulting in betting on how many episodes will air before it is axed. Still with all the carnage at ABC things are looking up for Revenge getting renewed.

    Today’s Guide had a column on how wonderful Red Widow is and promising Seven would show it this year. They also had a feature and an editorial on how great Parade’s End is, which didn’t make it into last week’s Guide when it might have been relevant. It all looks a bit pathetic now.

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