Seven resting My Kitchen Rules for Easter

Plus updates on Parenthood, The Mindy Project and Private Practice.

2013-03-18_1628Seven is resting My Kitchen Rules from Wednesday.

This week there are three episodes but next week the show won’t appear due to Easter non-ratings.

Instead Seven has scheduled the following in its place:

Monday March 25
7:30pm Border Security rpt
8pm Easter Special: Great Easter Feasts

Tuesday March 26
7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue dlb ep

Wednesday March 27
7:30pm Dynamo: Magician Impossible rpt

Thursday March 28
7:30pm Dynamo: Magician Impossible rpt

Meanwhile in other Seven updates:

Parenthood is a double episode this week.

The Mindy Project returns at 10:15pm next Monday. Private Practice airs 10:45pm Monday and Tuesday next week.

Whether Seven reheats MKR in the week of March 31 is still unclear, but extremely unlikely.

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  1. Yes that story about the MKR twitter follower was extremely interesting and the guy had a good point. MKR (and I’ve never watched it until this year) has gone down the road of bitchy. All the promos are focused on the rivalry between two teams. Many people do tune in for the cooking and don’t want to watch conflict, I myself find it quite fake and I’m only watching largely because I want to see nasty chefs out on their collectives butts. Won’t be bothering after Easter; as the Voice comes back then, and tonight is the final cook off until Easter Monday. And the two nasty girls aren’t in it, so it’s likely that I am done with MKR.

  2. Seven just showed a commercial for My Kitchen Rules saying “tomorrow night” then “Easter Monday (April 1st).

    David, thank you for your continued respect toward your loyal audience here by providing up-to-date information and exclusives, minus the bias.

  3. I’m bored watching mkr atm. Hopefully there will be something better on after easter and I can ditch it. Tired of the nastiness and focus on two particular teams at the expense of the rest of the show.

  4. That’s a very risky move. I could understand reducing the number of episodes over Easter or holding off just the grand final but this risks losing the audience completely. How many viewers will return for the finale?

  5. Not much risk at all and less risk than if Seven were to waste eps of their top show during non-ratings. They also don’t want to just hand over a quarter of their audience to Nine without a fight when The Voice starts.

  6. I think MKR will only be rested for 1 week and resume on Easter Monday.
    According to TV Week, Victoria will have Better Homes and Gardens at 7.30pm on March 28 due to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The following night (March 29) Victoria and SA will have the AFL match between Carlton and Richmond live from the MCG from 7.30pm AEDT.

  7. The fact that Seven weren’t showing MKR on Thursday meant they are conserving episode to take on The Voice after Easter.

    Leaving The Voice unopposed would be more risky. Channel 7 suffered a large drop in ratings with Easter and then The Voice.

    With a fortnight of Easter nonratings, one week and then the school holidays thing could be tricky for Nine trying to bed in a their new lineup for Winter.

  8. This news doesn’t bolt from the blue. I identify with why Seven struggled to make a final decision about the first quarter of the ratings year. There were plenty of “rumours” suggesting Seven was going to hold off My Kitchen Rules until April.

    It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to work out this decision was based on the verity Easter being too early this year. The pivotal end of this series of MKR will see it pitted against “The Voice”.

  9. Why do we even have an Easter break on TV? Back in the olden days of writing out books for ratings it was to give the people a break. But since everything is digital nowadays, surely it’s redundant. It’s making our schedules filled with crap, breaks shows up (Seven have got to be kidding by stopping MKR) and makes networks (I’m looking at you Nine) hold off showing anything new until after the Easter break

  10. Great to hear The Mindy Project is back but what will this do to HIMYM and Happy Endings? Will HIMYM be dropped to one episode and Happy Endings still finishing after midnight?

  11. I am over MKR now they are out of the homes and cooking better, pausing the series two weeks could see my remote pointing else ware, one things for sure, I won’t move on to Australia’s Greatest Bake Off, that show is doomed already in my opinion.

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