Sorry Joel, Logies need to re-think New Talent rules.

2013-03-13_0030If Joel Madden is eligible for Most Popular Male New Talent then it’s time to rethink the category.

Sorry to The Voice mentor, but this strikes me as being out of step with the spirit of the award.

Historically, this has always recognised emerging Australian talent: actors, presenters and even those working in News and Current Affairs. Such recognition might open doors for a rising actor, but what does it mean for an international star who already has global success?

As we now have international stars in debut roles on Australian television is it right that they are preventing rising actors from such recognition? Is it time the Logies ruled that talent must be Australian citizen or residents?

Indeed, is there anything to stop Seal, Mel B or Chucky Kaplow from walking away with the Gold Logie (ok admittedly there’s no risk Chucky Kaplow could walk away with Gold)?

The rules for Most Popular New Talent are as follows:

This award is to recognise new talent on Australian television. A new talent is a performer who has made their major TV debut in at least three episodes of an Australian-made program of any genre in 2012 as the same character, or for a breakout role in an anthology series, miniseries or telemovie. This may or may not be their first appearance on Australian TV. It will be their first major role.

Networks submit candidates for this category to TV Week who then draw up a shortlist for popular vote.

A TV Week spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Entries can be submitted to TV Week in accordance with the rules and criteria provided. TV Week reserves the right to add, revise or reject candidates, however is not liable for any errors that are the result of incorrect information submitted.”

It’s surprising that Madden has even edged out Keith Urban from contention here, given he is a local and resonated well with viewers. Once again, it sounds like somebody’s Facebook fans have dominated the voting.

Last year also saw some very fine performances from international actors including Miriam Margolyes (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and Brian Cox (The Straits) but neither netted a nod in the “new talent” categories.

Still on the subject of New Talent categories, should David Campbell’s Foxtel series Studio Presents have ruled him ineligible for his Mornings nomination? At least it was on in the same year, but it is a tad confusing….

I would also like to see a Comedy category reinstated in the peer-voted Outstanding awards and a stand-alone Reality category in Popular. Ditch the double-up in Light Entertainment awards. It’s ridiculous that Gruen Planet goes head to head with The X Factor while Comedy shows are left by the roadside. The AACTA Awards has this right, but Logies does not.


  1. I questioned Carrie Bickmore being there previously when she had been on Rove Live for years, but nevr got an answer on that. So I totally agree, if they have had success they shouldn’t be classed in the “new talent” category. Having said that, Joel was the only one of the four judges that I didn’t really know when The Voice began, not being familiar with his work, and then he ended up being my favorite judge.

  2. carolemorrissey

    That’s a bit illogical since in recent years, ch 7 always dominated the Logies.

    There was an international category for a few years, I remember Friends winning.

  3. These logies have to be rigged, how can so many channel 9 programmes be in the running when they only have average shows and other channels have brilliant ones, always thought that this was so and this year is even more noticeable, there is one less viewer this year or ever again, until they play fair..

  4. I agree there is no way Joel should even be eligible. remember the good old days before social media, you would just vote and send it off. Now there are campaigns to have people voted. Its not the same.

    How do the emmy winners get decided?

  5. I must say i am still scratching my head on how The X Factor and The Voice can be classed as Light Entertainment. They are clearly reality shows yet somehow they get classed this way which is crazy. I don’t think its wrong Joel Maddern is in for popular new talent but you are right David, how can our rising stars get a break if these awards are filled with international already stars.

    IMO the Logies need overhaul 101 and need a change of networks or at least alternate each year between Seven, Nine and Ten now that the TV Week is no longer associated with Nine.

  6. @David Knox
    Well, the criteria for Best New Talent is seriously flawed. I like Carrie Bickmore but it was wrong that she won “Best New Talent” for The Project when she was a regular on Rove for three years earlier.
    Angus McLaren was excluded from the category for Packed to the Rafters because he had previously appeared on children’s television series but Ryan Corr qualified even though he had appeared in children’s series too. There is no consistency.

  7. HardcorePrawn

    Tony Bee –
    Or perhaps an award for the most cynical endorsement of a disgusting fast food “meat” product, by a self-professed, and one-time militant vegan?

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