Supernatural, American Horror Story: update

No Supernatural or American Horror Story next week. What's going on?

2013-03-12_1641No Supernatural or American Horror Story next week. What’s going on?

Blame it all on the fast-tracking of Supernatural.

A TEN spokesperson tells TV Tonight, “ELEVEN is resting both Supernatural and American Horror Story for a few weeks as Supernatural is pre-empted in the US.

“In their place we will be playing ‘supernatural’ themed movies Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Paranormal Activity 2.”

Both shows are expected to return in 3 weeks.

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  1. Watched AHS online. I was not waiting for the TV networks to screw this awesome show for me. I see reviews of this show popping in my Facebook/twitter and general news reading hours after it airs in the US so unless I wanted to know the ending before it even began screening here I had no other option to go online.
    TV networks, in particular 10,11 &1 need to recognise they’ve lost an audience to online that they can likely never recover. Lessons learnt? Hahaha! They think we’re idiots so no.

  2. I too am relying on US production breaks, pre-emptions and Easter to catch up on episodes.

    And there are still another half dozen shows that I would watch when there is less on that I have given up on.

  3. Sorry David I forgot to tip you off about it (at least Supernatural ) . As a viewer I’m fine with it. I also knew or could look up the reason why on Wikipedia. As I keep track of the episode titles and when they are played (here and in the States ) from time to time. I’m glad you’re here to inform everyone else. I’m also happy that they told viewers when to expect them back. Thank you Eleven it’s quite sensible.

  4. Gotta agree with everyone that it’s pretty annoying that a lack of Supernatural (which I also have no interest in) means that Eleven pulls AHS because they can’t find anything to replace SN for a couple of weeks.

    I watch it on catch-up anyway as Monday nights are a bit busy, so it would be a simple matter for me to continue to source the rest of the series online, just not via Eleven.

    Add to this the recent dumping of the final series of The Office, and the shitty treatment of Californication, and you have a channel that continues to become less relevant to me.

  5. what 11 could have done was at 8:30 air the Supernatural animated series! that would be cool.

    I agree Ryan, 11 is not as good as it could be. better then GO though. got nothing against them paying Star Trek but more than once a week is a bit much. how about movies on Friday night? and why not just repeat Ten’s reality shows during the day instead of Saturday night?

    I think Animation Fixation is boring as! they aren’t even trying to bring in more shows, same old Simpsons, Futurama and Cleveland. they should just limit their animation night from 8:30 – 10:30 and just air something else at 7:30. perhaps brand it as comedy night instead? with Rules of Engagement at 7:30 and Office at 8:00. perhaps Nurse Jackie at 10:30?

  6. God 11 sucks l8ly!! Same crap over and over and talk about over use and promo of startrek!! It’s time to rest it! Bring us shows like buffy, 3rd rock from the sun, malcom in the middle and x files plus 2 movie nights

  7. Like you Matt F, I’m a fan of AHS yet have zero interest in Supernatural. Why should viewers of one show be inconvenienced because of another? Oh that’s right, TEN/Eleven don’t care about their rapidly decreasing viewer numbers. And they wonder why. Clowns!

  8. Geez im so annoyed at networks doing this. I love AHS and really look forward to it every week. Im not going to bother watching new shows to the network treats us with the respect we deserve. Argh.

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