TEN edits Glee for PG timeslot again

TEN cuts Glee for a PG timeslot but denies it was related to same-sex couples.

2013-03-13_1410Fans of Glee last night noticed that ELEVEN had made cuts to the episode “I Do” and took to their Facebook page to object.

In the episode  implied sex scenes between Kurt & Blaine and Santana & Quinn were edited, yet heterosexual ones remained. A scene with Finn and Rachel, whereby Rachel removes her clothing so that it is implied she is naked under the bed covers, remained intact.

As one fan noted:

Tonight you aired Glees 14th episode of season 4. During the episode there was serval couples who had implied sex scenes. Two were homosexual couples and 3 were straight couples. For some unexplainable reason you decided to cut out one of the homosexual scenes that involved the characters Santana and Quinn.

The scene they were involved in was no more “sexually explicit” than the other couples scenes so I see no reason as to why it was cut other than that they were in fact two females.

Last year during season 3 a scene between Kurt and Blaine was cut. In that scene they were merely discussing sex/sexual things.
This is starting to become a pattern.

I and I’m sure many others agree, you really need to rethink what scenes you cut and your reasoning for cutting said scenes.

A spokesperson from TEN told TV Tonight, “Last night’s episode of Glee was aired in a PG timeslot. Edits were made due to a self-harm reference and overtly sexual references. These were not related to the same sex nature of the content, but due to the level of the sexual reference.”

TEN has previously edited Glee to make the show fit a PG timeslot.

Last month it moved the show from TEN to ELEVEN and could have moved it to an M timeslot, but kept it at PG.


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  1. This show attracts teens and pre-teens and in general the show’s morals have greatly slipped. The Show was far more innocent when it started and now has turned a lot more adult. Also the amount of people sleeping together in that episode was just over the top. It’s not giving the kids much of a good example. I Find this show at times is getting too trashy and provocative for a PG show. It’s just not as good as it used to be in general. Storylines etc. The decline in Ratings both here and around the world is a testament to that. It’s sad too cause it used to be my favourite show.

  2. Is this really news?

    Ten has a number of conservatives running the network at the moment and any hint of same sex issues will be edited out.

    Yet over at SevenMate – American Dad is screened at 6.30pm and yesterday’s episode which shows Santa Claus being machine gunned to death was screened in it’s entirety.

    Senseless violence is acceptable, sensitive sex issues is edited out.

    I wonder if this is what Stephen Conroy has in mind?

  3. @Lily. It was during the musical number ‘not getting married today’ where will asks emma where his cuff-links are and she responds ‘there on my dresser right next to my suicide note’. They edited that line out. I know this because I am a huge stephen sondheim fan ! (the lyricist of company where this number orginated from)

  4. This show should be the poster child for youthful viewers. It should be fast tracked and unedited to show younger kids its still cool to watch TV and not download it. Why would they bother with Ten? They won’t. And if they won’t stick around for this don’t expect them to stick around in the future either….
    Editing is a horrible sin the networks undertake. It creates distrusts and kills the tone of the show.

  5. Pertinax, that cap is voluntary and ACMA don’t follow up unless there is a complaint and someone is there with a stopwatch 🙂

    Then they’ll get slapped with a feather.

    You are right about the religious nuts though. You can just see the ACL screaming about the children.

  6. There are few US primetime shows that fit into PG slots anymore. That is why they are showing Glee and White Collar in PG slots.

    Ten know that the Christian lobby will complain about every single bit of homosexual material in a PG slot, so they are playing it very safe and avoiding anything even remotely likely to result in a fine.

    With White Collar they just keep showing violence and people being shot, presumably because no one will complain about a cop show on One.

    Channel 10 can’t fit anymore ads in, they are capped at 15 minutes/hour with 1 extra minute that can be borrowed in from an adjacent hour under the code of practice. When shows are routinely running late they don’t care about an extra minute in length.

  7. I’m not a fan of cutting shows but in this case they barely cut anything from what I saw on the youtube videos above and I didn’t notice when I watched it on elevens website ie. it didn’t disrupt the flow. There were only three couples going to hotel rooms and there wasn’t an actual sex scene between fin and rachel anyway just the lead up and they showed the lead up on all the others so it seems pretty even to me.

  8. The show has well and truly jumped the shark now. It’s ridiculous how the graduating students just pop back to the school or New York every single week. They should have just focussed on the new members of Glee club and let the old members go.

  9. Exactly….put it in an appropriate timeslot…don’t mess with any show….I dislike immensely when anything is cut for whatever reason….they do it so often to movies….and sadly …they will keep doing it to what ever they like….*sigh*

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