1. I reckon they should combine all three shows – The Biggest Loser, The Block, and My Kitchen Rules. It could be called My Biggest Kitchen Block Loser Rules.

    Here’s the idea – they get a bunch of overweight people and lock them in an old house which needs renovating. But here’s the tricky bit – there’s no kitchen. So basically, if they don’t want to starve to death, they have to actually build a kitchen. So, you have all three elements in the one show – cooking, renovating and losing weight. How could you possibly go wrong with this idea?

    Man, I should be running one of these TV networks. I’d have it turning a profit in no time 🙂

  2. The show doesn’t promote long-lasting weight loss IMHO, it’s unhealthy to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. But I guess they need to make it enlightening for their audience. Wish it would stop though as I do not consider this show entertaining at all.

  3. The Other Adam

    Am watching the season this year after not watching the last 3 or 4.. so far it’s ok.. pretty much what you’d expect from the format

    One thing to note is the obvious lying from the producers. Eg. “Hidden camera’s” – you can’t tell me they didn’t know there were cameras in their house.
    Also, last night for the challenge the aircraft crossed the line only seconds after the contestants won the challenge.. obviously staged

  4. If Ten seriously think that the project is helping their share then they are delusional! A show thats in the prime slot of 6.30-7.30 and is a lead show for the rest of the night it’s not a good look @ all when you look at the figures.

  5. Ten should have stuck with the 7pm slot that they made their own back in the Big Brother days. The first seasons of Biggest Loser, Masterchef & Big Brother use to start at 7pm and did very well.

  6. And whats up with the opening theme song?..
    i thought pink’s try was the obvious choice , at least it would have been more entertaining :))

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