The Block finale tops 2.1 million

_DSC2887Nine pulled a big crowd for its auction for The Block: All Stars  last night.

Nine again split the finale into three sections: Finale (1.65m), Auction (2.01m) and The Winner Announced (2.12m). While it has been common practice by all commercial networks to split final episodes, the strategy is to attract a number close to a peak for the headlines the next day. In the current climate anything over 2m is an excellent result.

The bad news for Nine is that the series was down some 14% overall on last year, no doubt due to the competition of My Kitchen Rules. The finale numbers for last year were: Finale (2.19m), Auction (2.56m) and Winner Announced (2.97m). That’s a loss of some 800,000 viewers.

Nevertheless Nine won the night handsomely.

Nine network shares were 37.6% then Seven 28.8%, ABC 15.5%, TEN 14.2% and SBS 3.9%.

Aside from The Block, Nine’s other performers were Nine News (1.06m), ACA (1.03m), Hot Seat (590,000) and Movie: The Next Three Days (447,000).

My Kitchen Rules was finally defeated, coming in at 1.56m viewers as “real housewives” Angela and Melina left the competition. The show now returns on Easter Monday. Elsewhere Seven News was 1.2m, Home and Away was 977,000, Today Tonight was 950,000, Deal or No Deal was 490,000, Last Resort was 488.000 / 411,000.

ABC News (873,000) was best for ABC1, then 7:30 (600,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (527,000), The Agony of Life (490,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (487,000) and the debut of Tractor Monkeys struggled on 467,000 -fourth in its slot.

TEN News (610,000) was TEN’s best performer. Mr & Mrs Murder was 496,000, The Project was 458,000, The Good Wife was 369,000, The Simpsons was 346,000 and Modern Family stalled at 313,000 / 251,000.

SBS ONE had a terrible night with Wildest Arctic (189,000), Hostile Environment (135,000), Breaking Into Europe (128,000) and a dismal number for World News Australia (114,000).

Neighbours was best on multichannels with 309,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 20 March 2013


  1. @smit0847 I am also enjoying the good wife and I am also glad that the kalinda storyline is over.

    Must of been one of the very few to not realise block final was on last night based on those ratings.

  2. Ten could easily get more eps out of the biggest loser, just cut mon and tue eps to 30 mins, which if they cut the project back and put bl back to 7pm it wouldnt be against mrk at all!!

  3. steveany 2.0

    I’ve just read this article three times and I’m damned if I can see David being anything but congratulatory to Ch9. After phrases like “won the night handsomely” and “excellent result” what are you on about @chk chk?
    @David – don’t let it irk you, sir.
    @Secret Squirrel – “+1 bro'” to quote somebody or other 😉

  4. @ David I think you are biased towards Television. But considering this is a TV blog, that may be acceptable.
    LOL Love your responses some times.

    • Thanks Nik. I don’t mind people disagreeing with my posts but I get pretty angry when I am selectively accused of things, especially when people do so anonymously, without declaring their own interests. There are over 24,000 posts here, all archived so people can check factual information. Everyone gets praise and criticism.

  5. @ Pete. Sadly a Mentalist repeat can rate well! Heavens knows why, I only watch a show like that once. I don’t feel the need to see it again when new eps are airing.

  6. I would not take much notice of the figures for Last Resort, Tractor Monkeys or Mr and Mrs Murder as there was no way they would beat the 2 million plus number for The Block at the same time.

    Next week will accurately indicate how these three shows really rate as Nine lazily throws up a Mentalist repeat which should come fourth in its slot.

    • Chk Chk: I don’t always include negative spin for Nine. I guess you missed the positive stories for Mel B and Dawn French, I thought they were good gets (and perhaps I should introduce you to the reader who has accused me of being pro-9?). In ratings analysis it’s common practice to measure how shows are tracking, including Year on Year. I thought The Block held up well against the might of the MKR juggernaut, particularly in the final weeks. This was also blogged, but I didn’t hear any complaints then. If you look at this article there are also negative lines towards TEN, ABC and SBS performance last night. This kind of analysis has been going on for 6+ years here. As readers know you have frequently championed Nine, and that’s entirely your right. I prefer to take a more independent view and in doing so I attach my full name to my comments. Sorry -you went there first.

  7. Nine should be pleased with overall performance of The Block All Stars. I never thought it would be able to muster such solid numbers up against MKR
    Its slowly narrowed the gap between Seven.

  8. The Good Wife was brilliant last night. Dark, moody, intense yet clever. I feel like the storylines are heading in the right direction and they’re dropping the storylines no-one cares about like Kalinda’s husband. It deserves more of an audience than its getting but I understand how hard it would be to get into now if you havent watched it regularly.

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