VIP Ellen event carries gay marriage message

"The Premier's wrong,'' Ellen De Generes says of Dennis Napthine's opposition to gay marriage at her VIP event.

2013-03-27_0031Celebrities and VIP guests were out in force for last night’s invite-only cocktail party for Ellen DeGeneres in Melbourne at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

The guest of honour and wife Portia de Rossi were interviewed by Tracy Grimshaw live on A Current Affair before walking the Black Carpet.

Amongst the 300 were Sonia Kruger, John Bertrand, Shane Jacobson, Lisa Wilkinson, Patti and Lauren Newton, Chris and Rebecca Judd, Nathan and Tania Buckley, Olympic basketballer Liz Cambage, swimmer Matt Targett, Rhonda Burchmore, Lauren Phillips and partner Lachie Spark, Shane Delia and Adam D’Sylva,  and Josh Gibson.

Chef George Calombaris provided the menu for the night.

But there were also VIQs in attendance to support the political push for same sex marriage including Magda Szubanski, Christine Forster (Tony Abbott’s sister), Dr Kerryn Phelps and Qantas chief Alan Joyce.

Host Victorian Premier Dennis Napthine was quizzed on radio yesterday about his feelings on the issue, telling 3AW: “Marriage is a federal issue.

“I, personally, and my electorate are very happy with the current situation.”

But referring to de Rossi, DeGeneres said: ”We’ll get married as many times as possible.

”And the Premier’s wrong,” she added, ”but he’ll come round.”

Source: The Age

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  1. “@JM, if that was one of the best days of your life then you really must get out more!”

    @Riga… what a ridiculous thing to say. Who are you to judge someone’s take on their own life experiences?

    Going to an Ellen show would be quite an experience I would imagine…and here’s hoping I get to do it one day. Ellen rocks!!

  2. @muscledude_oz – are u serious??
    Fair enough ur entitled to an opinion of not liking her….. But having a go about the show being dumbed down….. Ur not watching 60 minutes or the 7:30 report….. It’s light entertainment.

    I’ve actually been to her show in LA…. And it was one of the best days of my life!

  3. I don’t like Ellen, I much prefer Dr Phil. Ellen’s show reminds me of how they dumbed down Ray Martin’s Midday Show at the start of 1988. Up till then there had been interesting interviews and occasionally current affairs. After 1988 it was just froth and bubble. Another good daytime show is The Doctors but I can take or leave Dr Oz.

  4. Give both major political parties are of the some belief on the topic I doubt things will change at a federal level any time soon. With events in the US it will be interesting to see if things change there.

    Like someone said you don’t have to be an animal to believe in animal right why would you have to be gay to believe in gay rights?

    Interracial marriage was once against the law in and I’m sure same sex marriage will one day be normal in most of the world.

  5. So the VIQs at this event were happy to be named (treated) differently to other, rather than equals as VIPs and at the same time advocating being treated equally in another area of life.

    Suggest they, or whoever, practice what they preach or shut the hell up, same applies to those that may not be in favour of same sex marriage.

    I am all in favour of marriage equality, but the missus will not have a word of it, she says I know my place in the pecking order and thats it…..

  6. I liked the interview on ACA. It sounded like Ellen and her team had so much planned but had to cut it short. Hopefully she will come back for a holiday at least.

    Portia still pronounced Melbourne, as Mel-born.

  7. wow – VIQ – really? Why do we still highlight people’s sexual orientation. Aren’t we all equal, shouldn’t those attending the cocktail party that are important people just be VIP’s?
    Ellen and Portia work hard for equal rights and that’s great, but she doesn’t scream gay every time she speaks.

    I’m a Long time reader of this blog and have never been as disappointed as I am now for the term “VIQ” being used.

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