5 from 5 for Nine News, A Current Affair.

2013-04-13_2026Nine News and A Current Affair both won all 5 nights last week, for the first time in 8 and 9 years respectively.

Nine News won all 5 nights for the first time since February 2005.

A Current Affair won every night for the first time since October 2004.

Final figures were:

Nine News 1.25 million
Seven News 1.18 million

ACA 1.13 million
Today Tonight 976,000

ACA scored big figures for a special renovation episode with 1.28m viewers.

NB: Saturday and Sunday bulletins are always coded and tallied separately.


  1. Puzzling to see the gap widen between Seven News and Nine News in Melbourne. Nothing has changed really (other than some weather presenting roles) since Seven was thumping Nine. Now we see the reverse. Hitch and Mitch are still reading, so is it really DOND that is the problem? Or have the styles of presenting change, or the quality of journalism, or the looks? Nine seems to be easier to watch – not so much sing-song and more of a straight delivery. Seven seems to be yelling at me more.

    Am told that Seven News is about to computerise their bulletins in Melbourne – a la ABC News. God help them when that happens!

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Must admit….I watched ‘that’ episode of ACA….and find I have been watching Nine News more…maybe because I am totally hooked on The Voice….not previously…but this year…loving it…love the interaction between the coaches…and good talent also….

  3. I’m surprised as the graphic and the news cue at the bottom look disgusting quality in compared to the seven news that provide great quality of image and 1000% mark up on there graphics they use.

  4. the reason 7 new’s ratings have declined is so obviously all coming down to DOND, why are they not doing anything? it should have been axed 2 years ago, and the longer they wait, the further into this rut they will get and the harder it will be to win viewers back.

  5. So when does Seven stop running those promos for Seven News being “Australia’s Number 1 News”? Well, Seven can be happy in Adelaide and Perth.
    There’s been no change in the content of TT since the new link-girl arrived. We revisited Centrelink’s computer, again. Tarted up as a “first-time, exclusive”. No, it wasn’t. Etc., etc.

  6. Panic stations at Seven. Deal or no Deal needs to be axed. The new TT is not working. An hourly news service (esp. for Sydney as NSW doesn’t want Kapalos) would be an improvement.

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