ABC3 wants youth stories for MY:24

2013-04-09_1110ABC3 is hunting for stories about young people aged 12-20 who have had ‘life-changing experiences’ that happened in just one day for a new series called MY24.

“It could have happened in a minute or it could have taken 24 hours; whatever it was, it was an individual turning point that meant life was never the same again – that day changed the way you look at the world, the future and yourself,” says Essential Media and Entertainment,

It may have been:

Surprising, funny or weird; or
Challenging, scary or dramatic; or
A small thing that has grown to be a central part of life now; or
Outright momentous and the best thing that ever happened to you! Whatever it was, you know it catapulted life in a whole different direction.

Selected participants will get to share their story in their own words as part of this series, for Australia’s teen and pre-teen audience. The program will highlight their life before, life after and life now with the life-changing day at the centre of their story.

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