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After endless promos, Arrow will finally premiere on Nine on Tuesday, April 16, at 8.30pm.

2013-04-05_1124After endless promos, Arrow will finally premiere on Nine on Tuesday, April 16, at 8.30pm.

The super-hero series is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, and has been developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg.

It stars uber-buff Stephen Amell (Private Practice, Hung) as billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home after being marooned for five years on a remote island in the Pacific and presumed dead. Now he has  a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime.

Arrow was renewed for a second season in February by The CW.

Nine is pitting the show against Packed to the Rafters, but Arrow arguably plays to a different demographic. Interestingly it is currently scheduled as 8:30 not 8:40pm.

Slowly reconnecting with those closest to him, his devoted mother Moira (Susanna Thompson, Cold Case, Kings), beloved sister Thea (Willa Holland, Gossip Girl, The O.C.), and best friend Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell, Pan Am), Oliver tries to readjust to the privileged social world he used to know so well.

Honouring his father’s dying wish to save Starling City from corruption, Oliver secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a hooded vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family and fight the ills of society.

While Oliver takes great care to conceal the scars that cover his body and the secret identity he assumes under the cover of darkness, he plays the role of the wealthy, carefree and careless philanderer he used to be by day, hiding the truth about the man he has become after enduring unimaginable ordeals on the island.

Arrow also stars Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place, Gossip Girl) as Laurel Lance, David Ramsey (Dexter, Blue Bloods) as John Diggle and Paul Blackthorne (The River, The Gates) as Detective Quentin Lance.

Arrow reinvents the heroic DC Comics character for a modern-day audience, but this Arrow is not a super hero – just a steely hero who is every bit as dangerous as the criminals he’s hunting.

This hard-hitting action series comes from executive producers Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern, Brothers & Sisters), Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern) and Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe).

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  1. As an individual viewer I like the day and time they chose. But I’m not going to discuss what might happen with the future ratings because I really, really, really, really don’t want to cause trouble.

    I’ll admit I’m kind of curious what they are going to do with Spartacus and Fringe on GO! Not necessarily together. I still hope they play Fringe on a Wednesday. In an ideal world at 9.30pm. But I get it’s not an ideal world and I’ll admit I’ve kind of lost track of GO! I did like how they advertised Spartacus last year on the channel. But time will tell what they do.

  2. I’m hating the endless ‘coming soon’ promos for this and The Following, the problem is this is aimed at the same demo that is likely to go else where and the endless promos is just asking for trouble. Sorry Nine but Arrow is going to flop, and putting it up against the Rafters is just the last straw. I see it move to 9:30 or later in a few weeks or worse still to GO! or GEM.

    Yes I saw the pilot months ago and while I liked it I’ve not been back for more, other better things to watch and in the coming weeks there are a new crop of shows which will be fast tracked by Foxtel which look much more interesting, Defiance and Da Vinci’s Demons.

  3. I think Nine have done the right thing by holding off on their new post 8.30 shows. Seven and Ten’s post 8.30 lineups remain largely the same and Nine now have the added benefit of a Voice lead in to launch these shows. But unfortunately I don’t trust that Nine will play these programs out.

    I’m most surprised that Nine haven’t scheduled any new programs on Sunday – surely they can’t keep going with The Mentalist in that slot.

  4. Agree with tvf wont watch this on channel 9, all the adds about it make you think its a great show, which it may be for US audiences as it is made for them and there large population, but with Australia having a small population it is not that appealing to the majority of people, added to all the late starting programmes on 9 and over advertising would not watch it if you paid me.

  5. Tuesday 8:30pm is good slot for Arrow. Up against NCIS and New Tricks which older viewers watch. It is up against MKR/PTTR but it is targeting younger males. It is where I thought it could go, until Channel 9 announced The Following for the slot.

    And of course 8:30pm will me more like 8:45pm.

    So what happens to The Following now?
    Wednesday up against Mr & Mrs Murder and Criminal Minds (seems most likely)? Or will it go to Sunday until Underbelly arrives? Or after Arrow?

    Or does Channel 9 already have plans to bump its new shows when the ratings drop?

    Total inconsistency as a programming strategy is interesting. Though it is not like Ten’s consistency approach got them very far, or lasted very long.

  6. I am interested in watching this show but won’t be giving it a chance cause its on channel nine. They have mucked around with too many shows that I have liked and don’t want to run the risk that they will yank the show off air with unaired episodes.

  7. The show is great and keeps getting better!

    I just happened to travel to america and see every episode so far….

    What’s also impressive is how fit Stephen Amell is in real life. There’s videos of him online doing parkour in his training. That pull up thing with the bar, he does that for real, no wires or anything.

  8. Nine did play out all of the 1st season of Smallville before they started mucking about with it. I do hope that they afford Arrow the same chance. Although that was 11 years ago, and the tv landscape has changed so much, and not for the better. Fingers crossed.

  9. Has to be against NCIS doesn’t it :(… Oh well its a good show from the first few episodes I watched, so hopefully it does well here & Nine doesn’t screw around with it. Although I think they mean more like 8.45 start since its after The Voice 😛

  10. Of course it’s at “8:30″… that way when The Voice runs over it by 15 mins… Arrow will be declared an instant hit the next morning due to 15 minutes at 2million…. Inflated ratings!!!!
    Expect the same for house Husbands and Following….. Good luck to them, quite frankly it’s a sneaky, misguiding, manipiulative.. and great move.

  11. Haven’t been paying attention to how its been received in the US, but will check it out on Tuesday. Although I wonder how long 9 will stick with it since when they had Smallville they played around with that quite a bit.

    Also bit disappointing that Justin Hartley wasnt able to play the role as he did on Smallville. I do wonder if Arrow will be able to run 10 or so years like Smallville did as well.

  12. David, just wondering… Have you written your article about Nine shafting this after a couple of weeks? This should have a been a flagship show for Go! Something to really rebuild it’s schedule on. But instead, Nine are trying to morph a show that is for teens and younger viewers into a pseudo Revenge.

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