Airdate: Celebrity Splash

2013-04-22_1122Seven has now confirmed hosts and judges for Celebrity Splash which premieres 7:30pm next Monday.

Based on a Dutch format, the show sees 14 personalities tackle the high diving board in front of an audience and judges.

The Morning Show duo, Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur, will host and judges are Aussie champs Matthew Mitcham and Alisa Camplin and US diver Greg Louganis.

The first episodes will be filmed this Sunday and Monday in Sydney, with a second episode to air on Tuesday night.

“In my time as a Sports Reporter for Seven, I covered four summer Olympic Games and came away in awe of the diving competitors. What this mob may lack in grace, they’ll make up for in sheer guts,” said Gillies.

Emdur added, “When they first asked me, I thought they said Celebrity Flash, so Splash is quite a relief. I can’t wait to climb to the top of the 3m platform and not jump.”

Network Director of Production, Brad Lyons, said “Larry and Kylie have been entertaining audiences and each other for more than five years. If anyone can coax contestants on and make a splash with this fun new series it’s those two.”


Brynne Edelsten Socialite
Josh Thomas Comedian
Leisel Jones Olympic Gold Medalist
Koby Abberton Extreme Surfer
Demi Harman Home & Away
Andrew Symonds Cricket Champion
Denise Drysdale TV Legend
Adam Richard Radio Star
Tamsyn Lewis Gold Medal Athlete
Andrew Welsh AFL Star
Renae Ayris Miss Universe Australia
Pauly Fenech Comedian
Laura Csortan TV Star
Nick Bracks Model


  1. I’ve seen this show mentioned here and there on this site. All I’ve been able to surmise about the show is that it’s a bunch of “Celebrities” jumping into a pool. Details were scant so I thought there must be more details that I don’t know because I didn’t care enough to look it up, but now that’s it’s been filmed and everything it really does seem like that’s all there is. How is that meant to be entertaining? (Aside from trying to give people an excuse to ogle “celebrities”)

  2. Isn’t Alisa Canplin a skiier?!

    This should be Sundays 6.30 – 7.30. I suspect 7 will take it far more seriously than they should (or anyone else will).

    Larry and Kylie will be fun – they’re given a pretty long leash on the Morning Show because no-one is watching and I think they’ll make it a hoot.

    Im hoping this will be like Its A Knockout – silly, clean, ridiculous family fun.

  3. @Dave: Celebrity Splash is filmed at Sydney International Aquatics Centre at Homebush, which hosted the swimming events of the 2000 Olympics.

  4. Up against The Voice? What rocket-surgeon at 7 thought that was a good idea??
    I too will be watching for Larry and Kylie. Well, mainly Kylie… grrrrrrrr…. 😉

  5. They should show Celebrity Splash on the days The Voice isn’t on like Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ratings might pick up when The Voice’s live shows come on once a week.

  6. interesting that Mitcham is a judge, i thought he would take Tom Daleys role of a mentor, perhaps he’s doing both?

    larrys comment is funny, i’d watch this just for Larry&kylie, they have been long overdue for a primetime show. but up against the voice is suicide, The US version was a big hit until it went up against The Voice, The Aus version is now going to be on the backfoot from the get go. i predict a flop giving reporters a field day with headline puns.

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