Airdate: Cliffy, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, The Time of our Lives.

ABC1 has now confirmed its Sunday drama line-up from late May with three local drama projects.

1cliffyABC1 has now confirmed its Sunday drama line-up from late May consisting of the telemovie Cliffy, mini-series Paper Giants: Magazine Wars and series drama The Time of our Lives.

This sees ABC declare its hand early but will also mean it competes with Seven’s A Place to Call Home.

Kevin Harrington stars as the inimitable Cliff Young in the 90min telemovie Cliffy which premieres Sunday May 26 at 8.30pm on ABC1.

Kevin leads a great Australian cast including Gyton Grantley, Stephen Curry, Anne Tenney, Roy Billing and Martin Sacks, to tell the heartwarming true story of our most unlikely sporting hero – the potato farmer from regional Victoria who shuffled his way down the Hume Highway and into our hearts nearly 30 years ago.

Hot on the heels of Cliffy’s big win comes the highly-anticipated two-part series Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, which screens Sunday June 2 and 9 at 8.30pm on ABC1. Filled with humour, outrageous antics and cut throat tactics, Magazine Wars is the story of the Golden Years of the glossies, of the ‘battle’ between Nene King (Mandy McElhinney) and Dulcie Boling (Rachel Griffiths) from the rival Packer and Murdoch empires, to make their magazines the top seller in Australia. The series also stars Rob Carlton, Angus Sampson, Lucy Bell, Khan Chittenden, Caren Pistorius, Mark Lee and William Zappa.

Sunday June 16 at 8.30pm sees the start of an all-new 13-part drama series The Time of our Lives. Set in Melbourne, the series delves into the lives of three generations of a modern Australian family. It asks the questions: What really makes us happy? Why do some relationships work and why do some fail? And, how much is enough? The star-studded cast includes Claudia Karvan, William McInnes, Justine Clarke, Shane Jacobson and Stephen Curry.

Carole Sklan, ABC TV Head of Fiction, says: “We are thrilled to bring such an impressive season of great Australian drama, with a wonderful line-up of our country’s best actors and talented writers, directors, producers and crews. These stories warm your heart, shine a light on our recent past, and hold a mirror to relationships of contemporary Australian families.”

“Sunday nights on ABC1 is set to become the destination for must-see Australian drama with this collection of outstanding programs.” says Brendan Dahill, Controller ABC1.

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  1. As I’ve mentioned I like Cliffy and the Paper Giants Sequel. I also like that they are playing it over two Sunday nights (the Sequel). If it was 2005 I would have chosen the ABC no question. I’m grateful that between now and then they’ve improved the watermark in that time.

    If it was 2005 I’d have tried the other shows too. I just don’t know about this year. Because it depends if I feel up to the daily surprise paranoia i.e. random pop-ups and/or end credit ads. I do understand that in the end paranoia will win. It’s been successfully taught to me. Even though probably over 90% of their ads are television programming ads. So viewers want to watch them. They just seem unable to believe it.

  2. Cliffy – oh dear… shuffling to Melbourne. A must see. But do you really want to run Time Of Our Lives on a Sunday night for 13 weeks? Doesn’t leave the typical ABC viewer with anywhere to turn to if they don’t like it except of course to Seven’s latest hit Australian drama with Noni Hazlehurst. Would have thought this could have been the one to finally entrench Thursday night drama for ABC after the failure of Crownies.

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