Airdate: Colour Theory

ct00002A new Indigenous art series, Colour Theory, begins this Sunday on NITV.

Richard Bell, artist and self proclaimed ‘show off’, presents an 8 part series into what makes artists ‘tick’. He investigates the myths that surround Aboriginal art, visiting eight contemporary artists to discover that art is more than rock art and dot paintings.

Colour Theory is a new art series from NITV looking at cutting edge and developing communities and collectives that are producing contemporary work that reflects the up and coming artistic development within the creative Indigenous community, that up until now has had little exposure to a wider society.

Presenting the work of various artists from each state and territory, Colour Theory demonstrates the incredible range of indigenous artistic expression and practice. Featuring works in a variety of media, including painting on bark and canvas, sculpture, textiles, weaving, new media, photo media, printmaking installation, dance and music.

Shot on location in the many beautiful and varied places around Australia, each half hour episode will explore the Artist’s affiliation with their Gallery or Art Centre, their connection to their country and how their culture inspires their modern form of art.

8pm from Sunday 28th April on NITV.

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