Airdate: Dirty Laundry Live

Lawrence Mooney - Not HappyLawrence Mooney’s new ABC2 series, Dirty Laundry Live, will premiere Thursday May 16 at 9.30pm.

Described as a 16 part comedy game show, it will embrace the shame of our obsession with celebrity and fame as a panel of guests dissect pop culture stories in a  live-to-air quiz show.

“From what I’ve heard, people living in the spotlight love nothing more than having other people sit around and pass judgment on their lives. Some say muck-raking, others say modern fairy tales. I say weird people doing fabulous shit. I can’t wait. And hey, I know celebrity, I happen to be one,” said Lawrence.

Jennifer Collins, Head of ABC Entertainment says, “ABC2 viewers loved Lawrence’s take on the London Paralympics including his ego-centric character Ernie Kane. Lawrence is at his best when let off the leash and this time he’s getting stuck in to Australia’s obsession with celebrity”.

Stuart Menzies, Controller ABC2 says, “Lawrence is just the person to peer inside the world of celebrity, halting that spin cycle for just long enough to ask all those questions that the rest of us are too embarrassed to even think. Dirty Laundry Live will be television that’s unfiltered, unmasked and unadulterated.”

We can’t escape our modern obsession with fame and celebrity. Some of us embrace a love of gossip; for others, it’s a shameful secret that leaves our friends wondering how and why we know so much about Taylor Swift’s love life.

On Dirty Laundry Live, Lawrence and his panel of guests will pull apart the major pop culture stories of the week in an unpredictable, irreverent and unscripted live-to-air quiz show, where anything could happen.

Whether you’re a trash-mag subscriber, a celebrity blog addict or just a doctor’s waiting room time-passer, it’s almost impossible not to know, and be intrigued by, which actor is sleeping with which supermodel, who’s having more than a bad hair day and which boy-band member just stumbled out of rehab.

Who did what to whom this week? What is the truth? And, should we even care?

Dirty Laundry Live will also deliver an integrated second screen experience. Viewers will be able to interact with the show by taking part in quiz questions and polls via an online app, with results discussed live on the show.

Thursdays at 9.30pm on ABC2 from May 16.


  1. Nothing against him but is Lawrence Mooney at risk of being over-exposed on ABC? Just over the last few months he’s been in Problems, Agony Of Life, Tractor Monkeys, ABC2’s Comedy Festival and now Dirty Laundry Live… if Eddie McGuire had been on that many shows on Nine over the same period you could imagine the outcry! 🙂

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