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2013-04-15_1038Marion Grasby is the latest MasterChef Australia graduate to get her own series, travelling through Thailand for LifeStyle FOOD channel.

Grasby, who is an author, entrepreneur and former journalist, has Thai heritage which will no doubt help give Marion’s Thailand a ring of authenticity.

Marion Grasby shows us how to cook authentic Thai meals in a simple, fun and approachable way that only an Aussie girl with a Thai Mum could when Marion’s Thailand premieres Tuesday, May 14 at 8.30pm, only on LifeStyle FOOD.

Bright and bubbly Marion was taught to cook traditional Thai food by her mother, Noi, who was born and raised in a rural Thai village and is herself a Cordon Bleu cook, so Marion had the perfect culinary education growing up.

While she started as a television journalist, Marion is better known from her appearance on MasterChef Australia season 2, where she was a clear fan favourite and widely tipped to win the series. Since then she has released her first cookbook ‘Marion – Recipes and stories from a hungry chef’ and has created ‘Marion’s Kitchen’, a successful new range of genuine Thai ingredient kits crafted from the traditional recipes handed down to her through her Thai family.

In the brand new series, Marion’s Thailand, Marion combines her knowledge of Thai food and the authentic recipes she has inherited, with an insatiable journalist’s curiosity to learn more about how Thai cuisine started and the cultural influences which have seen it grow into one of the most popular cuisines in the World.

The 10-part series is beautifully photographed against the vibrant natural colours and textures of Thailand, in and around Marion’s traditional family home, where her great food and some amazing locations come together to create a real feast for the senses.

In this first episode, Marion travels back to her maternal homeland and after picking up her mum and dad in Bangkok – heads south, away from the hustle and bustle of a modern city and deep into the Thai countryside to a modest little village called Nakhom Chung.

This is where her mum’s family still live a traditional Thai life. Their houses are modest, open timber structures with few mod cons and no refrigeration. Here, the kitchens revolve around just a wok and a flame and combined with the freshest market ingredients – produce the most delicious feasts.

Tuesday, May 14 at 8.30pm LifeStyle FOOD.

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