Airdate: Selling Spelling Manor

2013-04-03_1457If you had a spare $85 million you could have put yourself in the running to buy Aaron Spelling’s former mansion in Los Angeles.

That was the price it was sold at to the daughter of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in June 2011.

The Manor, as it is now known, is the subject of a two part special Selling Spelling Manor airing later this month on LifeStyle Home.

The infamous Hollywood home, Spelling Manor, is up for sale, and Candy Spelling is inviting you on an exclusive tour of the largest single family home in America when Selling Spelling Manor premieres on Thursday, April 18 at 9.30pm, only on LifeStyle HOME.

Selling Spelling Manor documents the construction, listing and sale of the home, affectionately known as ‘The Manor’, built from the ground up by legendary television producer, Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. Beginning construction in 1986 and taking almost a decade to build, Candy oversaw every aspect of the extravagant 56,500 square foot French chateaus creation. And now, this two-part documentary gives viewers a glimpse at why, at US$150 million, Spelling Manor was the most expensive real estate listing in the world.

Bigger than the Taj Mahal and The White House, ‘The Manor’ entertained presidents, royalty and countless Hollywood stars. The lavish estate boasts 14 bedrooms; 27 bathrooms; 3 gift wrapping rooms; barber shop; custom-built library; roof-top rose garden; bowling alley, temperature controlled wine cellar with over 1000 bottles of wine and parking for 100 cars, just to name a few of the homes luxurious features.

Cameras were there to capture all the stresses and strains of Candy’s big move from her Los Angeles mansion to a mere 16,000 square foot penthouse apartment – the same size as the attic alone in her old home. And with just 30 days to move, this is downsizing of epic proportions. It’s a chaotic and emotional journey for Candy, who along with her two children Tori and Randy, sort through priceless collections and family heirlooms for auction that have provided the Spelling family with a lifetime of memories.

Selling Spelling Manor gives viewers a detailed insight into the elaborate construction, intricate decoration and extravagant belongings that made ‘The Manor’ and the Spelling family one of the most famous in the world.

Part One airs Thursday, April 18 at 9.30pm
Part Two airs Thursday, April 25 at 9.30pm


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