Audience Tix: Celebrity Splash / Mystery show

2013-04-05_1735Seven is offering audience tickets for two shows, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

Celebrity Splash tix are available in Sydney.

Be part of Celebrity Splash live! Get ready… for a splash! Celebrity Splash is coming LIVE to Sydney! Be there as our Aussie celebrities risk everything.. and dive live! Hurry, tickets are free but limited!

Dates are:
Sunday April 28
Monday April 29
Monday May 6
Sunday May 12
Monday May 20

Promos have indicated the show is Live, so these seem like an odd bunch of dates….?

Tix are available here.

Fairfax reports the injuries are already racking up. Laura Csortan announced on Twitter that she had injured herself and resorted to “some strong ass pain killers”.

“Day 2 training and I can’t move my neck! I literally went in head first yesterday,” she tweeted.

Yesterday I wrote a comment here “Let’s tip it now. Someone will be injured. Just like that train-wreck Dancing on Ice.” Maybe I spoke too soon.

Meanwhile Melburnians can get tix for an unnamed Seven show from Shine.

“It’s going to be big, noisy, and lots of fun for everyone” they note.

“If you live in Melbourne, email us your contact number on [email protected] for your chance to see some of Australia’s biggest and funniest stars up close.”


  1. I think 7 know this will be a one off (I’m hopeful) and that the ratings will likey decline as it rolls on but people will watch anything on 7. Like someone on this blog said there must be a lot of broken remotes out there with TV’s stuck on 7.

    As far as exploitation, you have got to be kidding, These are media people involved and most want the exposure (pun intended).

  2. @ seriouslysquare: actually didnt bellyflop. rated over 5 mill per episode and has been renewed for a 2nd season. Was not critically acclaimed but it is never going to be.

  3. @seriouslysquare
    Splash in the UK was itvs most successful entertainment show launch in 5 years and has been commissioned for a second series.
    The show started strong in the US, but is certainly ‘belly flopping’ there as the weeks go by.

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