BBC remembers Margaret Thatcher

2013-04-12_1005Following the death of Margaret Thatcher, BBC Worldwide Australasia channels are remembering her with a number of shows which explore her life and work.

Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister
UKTV Friday 12th April, 20.00 AEST
BBC Knowledge 13th April 21.40 AEST

Margaret Thatcher died on 8th April 2013. With exclusive access and unrivalled archive footage, this film looks back at the extraordinary life and times of a remarkable woman. Over 11 years in power, from 1979 to 1990, Mrs Thatcher stamped her influence on Britain and the rest of the world. In this programme, former colleagues and family members speak frankly and often with great warmth and humour about a unique personality. Part biography, part the story of a crucial period in recent history, it presents an enthralling and entertaining narrative of a politician whose like had never been seen before, and never will be again.

BBC World News has announced a weekend of special programming. Starting on Saturday, April 13th, the channel will broadcast a mix of documentaries and discussion programmes examining the impact Baroness Thatcher had in Britain and around the world.

Margaret Thatcher: Britain’s Iron Lady
Saturday 13th April 12.10 AEST
Sunday 14th April 17.30 AEST
Renowned broadcaster and journalist Andrew Marr presents this documentary which sees family, friends and former colleagues – as well as political opponents – recall Baroness Thatcher’s life, her extraordinary personality and her tumultuous years in power. In her eleven years in office she defeated Argentina in the Falklands War and at home she battled the unions into submission. Under her steely guidance the Conservative government brought in privatisation and deregulated the City. Love her or loathe her, this special programme explores how Mrs Thatcher changed Britain forever.

The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher
Saturday 13th April 22.30 AEST
Sunday 14th April 10.30 & 17.30 AEST
BBC presenter Martha Kearney, who became a political correspondent when Margaret Thatcher was at the height of her political power, charts the unlikely rise of the grocer’s daughter who became Britain’s most famous Prime Minister. In this documentary Martha reflects on Thatcher’s bitter downfall at the hands of her colleagues in government, a betrayal she never recovered from.

Saturday 13th April 8.30 & 20.30 AEST
Sunday 14th April 14.30 AEST
BBC World News will also be broadcasting a special edition of current affairs programme Newsnight. Through extraordinary insights from those who worked with and against Baroness Thatcher, the programme examines the impact of her policies both in the UK and abroad and includes an interview with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who discusses her international role.

Dateline London
Sunday 14th April 6.30 & 11.30 & 18.30 AEST
This programme which brings together foreign correspondents based in London to give an outsider’s view of events in the UK, will host a special discussion considering reaction to Baroness Thatcher’s passing. This edition will be presented by BBC News’ Maxine Mawhinney, and features journalists from Le Monde, Sunday Telegraph and Bloomberg.

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