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logies2012-025If you want a good behind-the-scenes taste of Logies night, today’s article by Rachelle Unreich in Fairfax is about as good as any I have read.

She talks to a few insiders: publicists, stylists, seating experts, although few are prepared to name names in their war stories.

One source says, ”the seating plan is the biggest nightmare for everyone. It’s like the worst wedding situation: you’ve got lots of people who have had falling-outs with other people, and you’ve got to be careful where all the tables are – [where you are seated] is all about importance. The running joke is that SBS is always down the back. Where you’re seated and who you’re seated with is a big deal as well. Network CEOs are seated with their most important talent – it’s the bridal head table.”

John Flower, of HotHouse Media & Events, manages guest lists and invitation ticketing. He says there’s a formula to who sits where, with tables closest to the stage being reserved for nominated shows and talent, as well as other famous folk. ”Once tables are set and name cards placed, we check tables three times. The last check is just before guests enter the room to ensure place cards are not swapped.”

Stylist Philip Boon has dressed Magda Szubanski at the Logies for the past half-dozen years, and even went as her date several times. Most actors, he says, ”want to have that element of movie star about them at the Logies, although it’s a long night, so they want to be comfortable – no corseting.”

Some, he says, look to make a bit more of a splash. ”I call it the ‘I need a job, I’m an actress’ dress, when they flash their boobs and have a split thigh. I try to dress my actresses in something a lot more elegant than that.”

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  1. carolemorrissey

    Gee I hate it when they won’t name names. We want to know!!!!!

    I would think it’s probably ch 10 that is sat at the back now!!!!

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