Celebrity Splash, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy: update

revenge_finalSeven has updated its schedule for tonight adding an additional 30 minutes to Celebrity Splash.

7:30pm Celebrity Splash
9:30pm Revenge
10:30pm Grey’s Anatomy
11:30pm Surveillance Oz rpt

Note that Grey’s Anatomy is now a single episode.

Whilst this late change isn’t ideal it follows the recording of Splash yesterday. Meanwhile tomorrow night’s episode is being recorded today.

You should expect EPGs to be update sometime later today.


  1. carolemorrissey

    During Home & Away they scrolled across the bottom of the screen with the time change for Revenge, but when I checked the guide on my machine it was still listed at 9.07. Just wondering what they will do tonight for Rafters. Are they going to change that too?

  2. 9:37pm was the answer for Revenge, after it was initially listed at 9pm. Which just beats the 9:16pm start for the 8:40pm Sunday episode of The Mentalist for most late running show of the week (but there is still plenty of the week left to go). .

    What Channel 7 were thinking was that a working competition show is local content that rates 2m skewed young and is not recorded much. And that that would competes well with the competition shows on their rivals rival and provide a good lead in to Revenge.

    What they got was a never ending trainwreck. While competition shows can deliver big time if they work, they come with substantial risk.

  3. @ Ren

    Ha Ha got ya, at least we will know who to blame for puting the idea in network 7 heads.

    When they torture us for a ‘TBA’ number hours, with a whole new series called “House Rules to the Rescue of the MKR losers Mobile Food Van’s ’10 metre’ Splash Back”, hosted by Lairy and Curly recorded in the car park of the Olympic Aquium during the 2013 winter, thus explaining any shrinkage of menus, and following 12 months of promos,( including 6 months of rescheduled start dates) eventually begining around late Spring 2015, ending in the final week of Autum after 2 weeks dedicated to highlight replays before announcing a winner.

    This will allow for winter recording to begin on a brand new exciting series called “House Rules Renovations to the MKR losers Mobile Food Vans ’10 metre’ ” Splash Back”. hosted by………..

  4. Thanks channel 7 for putting a gripping episode of Revenge on so late! I refused to tune into a show about celebrities diving in a pool though & tuned in when Revenge started! What were 7 thinking putting this on for two hours & delaying Revenge which has over 1 million viewers a week? You’re lucky some of your Revenge viewers are loyal because we watch it anyway…but I do expect a drop of in figures. Perhaps 7 don’t care because last night was a success. Please let Revenge start on time next week like it always used to. Desperate Housewives was in this time slot for at least 6 years & never got treated like this!! Sorry for the rant David. Sounds like I’m not the only one though…we appreciate the notice otherwise we’d know nothing.

  5. Channel 7 updated the Foxtel guide before the afternoon update with Revenge 9:30-10:30pm which are suspiciously round numbers.

    The EPG is still saying Revenge 9:09pm though.

  6. @Pertinax
    It will be most likely be Sunday Night and TBA. Seven need to get a Plan B ready for tomorrow. Why would you even watch Celebrity Splash as you should be watching the return of Big Kev. I am pretty sure this costed 7 heaps of money to produce this show and its going to backfire on them just like House Rules

  7. So does that mean Revenge will actually start on time, my bet it 9:45 đŸ™‚

    Either way it will work out better for me, Mythbuster, then 4 Corners/Media Watch and end the night with Revenge.

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