Funding approved for ABC doco on WW1

2013-04-05_1040Screen Australia has approved funding for an an ambitious four-part dramatised history series that will tell the epic story of Australia’s involvement in World War I through the lives of five Australians.

The War That Changed Us will tell “their transformative journeys through conflict on the war front and the home front will be brought to life through a blend of personal testimony, drama, expert analysis, location filming and archive.”

Funded through the National Documentary Program, the series  is to be produced by Andrew Ogilvie, directed by Don Featherstone and written by both Don Featherstone and Clare Wright.

Screen Australia’s Chief Executive Ruth Harley said, “The War That Changed Us has substantial Australian history heritage value, which is one of the core remits of our National Documentary Program. This documentary series is a remarkable Australian story which will be told on a grand scale.”


  1. There has been two previous part drama, part fact TV series on WW1 and the ANZACS. One was called “1915” and the other called “ANZACS”. Both aired in the early 1980’s .

    And in 1978, NBC made a mini series about the holocaust called “Holocaust” which used the facts with drama. The drama part was the creation of two fictional families which tied the facts with the fiction part very nicely.

    If done well, this type of programming is great to watch.

  2. Proposition Joe

    This sound good – but why, oh why, does there need to be “dramatisations”. There is never any need for “re-enactments” in factual TV. They always look cheap and often feel quite wrong – as though reality is being turned into entertainment. Sadly, the ABC seems to have fallen in love with them, as shown by the recent “Prisoner X” episode of Foreign Correspondent, which was full of unnecessary and distracting re-enactments.

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