Geri Halliwell replaces Mel B on Australia’s Got Talent

Nine has confirmed rumours that Geri Halliwell will replace Mel B as the fourth judge on Australia's Got Talent.

2013-04-29_1839Nine has confirmed rumours that Geri Halliwell will replace Mel B as the fourth judge on Australia’s Got Talent.

Halliwell, known as ‘Ginger Spice,’ has previously stood in as a guest judge on The X Factor UK for Dannii Minogue.

Mel B was prevented from being a judge on AGT following a much-publicised court case with the Seven Network.

She joins Dawn French, Kyle Sandilands and Timomatic as the AGT judging panel.

Auditions are already underway and the show will air on Nine later this year.

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  1. David most people would not know who dawn french is unless they watched abc tv in th 1990’s.I personally find her an odd choice for this show mostly becuase iv never heard of her.maybe its my age iam 24 yrs old

  2. So we do get Ginger Spice. She’ll be good considering she’s been a judge on talent shows before. Would of prefered an Australian tho.
    Dawn French is a left of field choice but I won’t make a judgement on her until afterwards.
    Timomatic… yeah they just picked him cause he’s been on AGT before.
    Still, it would be better without Kyle Sandilands… wonder how many months it will be until he crosses the line again!

  3. Not that I watch this show, well I have done but left it when it got boring and slow. She will be the best inclusion since sliced bread. Maybe i should watch it again…. 🙂

  4. Well, at least the Spice Girls were mega stars back in the 90’s, and enjoyed a little bit of a revival after the Olympics. I was pretty sure they were going to get Kelly Osbourne as a replacement. Ginger has guest judged on some shows in the UK, but I still think they should get an Aussie judge. Maybe no Aussie’s want to do it. They see all the reviews people like Delta, Nat and Kyle get and they just don’t want the hammering.

  5. @Mr. J – great panel… really? Timomatic (has had one hit, a few questionable mini “hits”)… Dawn French… was big in the 90s in more ways than one, but what has she done for us lately apart from Coles ads about cheap toilet paper and Fly Buys cards? And we won’t start on Kyle…

    Geri brings interest and star power. I’d watch just for her comments.

  6. She’s really charismatic and she speaks her mind, so I think it’s a good match. And she was a judge on UK’s Popstars: The Rivals, who kinda put together a little pop group called Girls Aloud. Don’t know who they are? YouTube them. Mega successful in the UK and I love them.

  7. This annoys me, dont we have any talent in australia. I mean we have Joanna Griggs hosting almost everything, James Tobin doing B&G, Larry and Kylie doing Celbrity Splash. How about allowing some fresh OZ talent shine.

  8. Thats all we need another pommie on our screens . Just when we got rid of one mel b another one enters the fray.whats wrong with australian talent arent any good enough to be judges. Has been show with has been judges

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