Guessing game on premieres

2013-04-21_0124Seven is yet to declare its hand on Airdates for a string of new shows, but we should have some idea by tomorrow.

We’re still waiting on a finale for My Kitchen Rules, plus premieres for Celebrity Splash, A Place to Call Home and House Rules.

The good money is on an MKR Grand Final next Sunday night, leading straight into the premiere of A Place to Call Home. It would be the smart way to launch the new drama series given Downton Abbey ends tonight.

Update: MKR finale at 6:30pm and APTCH  for 8:30pm now both confirmed for Sunday April 28.

Celebrity Splash films its first episode next Sunday night in Sydney. Today’s Sunday Telegraph indicates the first episode will air 7:30pm Monday April 29.

That could mean House Rules moves in on Tuesday April 30, but that’s just speculation at this stage.

Meanwhile Nine continues The Voice for three nights this week and four next week. It will also lead into Celebrity Apprentice at 8:40pm Tuesday April 30 and Arrow 8:40pm Wednesday May 1st.

TEN is now promoting both Offspring and Masterchef, but neither are set to go just yet, which is probably just as well.


  1. House Rules better be careful of The Block Sky High as Channel Nine keeps advertising that its coming soon. They can’t put those up together.

    I forgot about The Mole. At a guess it maybe coming in August/September.

  2. In america splash was a big hit for its premiere but then its 2nd episode went against The Voice and it bombed. Im quite sure the same would happen in Australia. Splash needs to go to Wed or Thurs where there is nothing else on and it could do well. I think House Rules can hold its own against The Voice.

  3. davodavo6666

    Knowing there’s an end coming soon to MKR might encourage me to watch every episode for the next week, at the moment if I miss one I don’t bother going back.

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