James Tobin to host Beauty & the Geek

2013-04-26_1243Sunrise weather guy James Tobin finally gets a primetime gig as the host of dating series, Beauty and the Geek.

On Twitter today he announced, “Excited to announce that Beauty and the Geek is back and I’ll be your host! #faketan #algebraicequations #makeovers #awkwardhottub #funtimes”

Tobin will replace actor Bernard Curry in the role, who spends a good deal of time based in LA.

To take up the role Tobin will take a 6 week break from Sunrise.

TV Tonight can reveal Edwina Bartholomew will step in to front the Sunrise weather bulletins.

Seven is yet to announce a return date for Beauty and the Geek‘s fifth season.

Source: Fairfax AAP


  1. bettestreep2008

    Yawn. Another reality show to look forward to…not.

    Seven is finishing MKR tomorrow and will unleash Celebrity Splash, House Rules, Beauty and Geek, X Factor and The Mole from now until end of ratings period – in November?

    Nine just finished the Block (cough) All Stars and is screening The Voice 3 hours a night , 6 nights a week and will unleash Celebrity Apprentice, The cupcake bake off show, Australia’s got talent, The farmer wants a wife, Big brother and another Block in the same period.

    Ten will just give us MCA to be slaughtered by the other 2 networks – just like MCP was and TBL is currently.

    And the two best reality shows ever are being screened on Gem and Seven2 ie. Amazing Race USA and Survivor.

    Oh well – all these reality shows flooding the main networks means Brynn, Lara and Sara Murdoch won’t be on our screens for a while…or will they?

  2. I reckon he is a great choice. I enjoy him on the weather and I guess that story in womans day that he was going to ch10 is quite wrong.

    Edwina will be a great weather presenter as well. She is quite a funny lady.

  3. Incredibly talented guy. He manages to be able to move between cheery and silly and serious at the weather without being irritating like Denyer became.
    Tobin has a boyish , honest likeability. Yet I would never watch a s how like Beauty and the Geek, just hope they crown him main weather man on his return. He has been doing 7 days a week f
    or ages now with no official announcement.

  4. Tobin’s a good choice.

    Bernard Curry played a guest role on Pretty Little Liars earlier this year. Would’ve liked to see him return to Home and Away for Gina’s funeral.

  5. I reckon Edwina Bartholomew will be perfect for the weather role. Great personality and seems really comfortable in a live, ad-lib type setting.

    Also think James Tobin is better suited to a hosting role than Bernard Curry.

  6. I have a feeling this will be the last season of B&TG. I don’t think he’s a bad host in fact his cheesy hosting is perfect for the show but 800k is not good enough to sustain the show.

    Be positive and hope for the best with TARAU

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