Live odds ban doesn’t go far enough

2013-04-23_0001Live odds bans proposed by Free TV Australia and ASTRA don’t go far enough according to critics of the proposals, because they still allow for advertisements during breaks.

Greens senator Richard Di Natale claims nothing will change under the revised code.

“The constant bombardment of betting odds will continue. Tom Waterhouse will continue to behave as a commentator as well as a bookmaker. The only change we get is that rather than having a Channel Nine logo on his microphone, he will have the Tom Waterhouse logo instead,” he said.

Free TV Australia has proposed a ban on live odds during play. Commentators and their guests will also be prohibited from promoting live odds during a game, as well as for 30 minutes before and after the game.

But the code does not restrict promotion of live odds for other sports events that occur at the same time, such as interstate matches.

Live odds can be advertised in commercials during scheduled breaks, or if play has been suspended for rain or if players ‘‘are yet to enter the field or area of play’’.

Advertisers such as SportsBet, BetFair and CentreBet can still advertise during breaks.

Horse racing, harness racing and greyhound racing are all exempt from the new proposal.

Source: The Age


  1. Armchair Analyst

    I dont want to sound lazy about this but its a step in the right direction. You can not change a generation of habits in one swoop, it will take time.

  2. I’m all for the ban on gambling advertising but concerned that no one has adressed alcohol advertising in the same way – surely alchohol is just as additictive and destructive as gambling?

  3. Maybe the Aus government should copy the Nevada government in the states. Over there gambling was made legal because the casinos pledged to pay massive taxes to fund education! Gonski anyone ?

  4. Oh please. Problem gambling costs tax payers over 4 billion dollars a year. The sooner it goes the way of tobacco advertising in sport, the better.

  5. Watch any major American sport like NFL, MLB, NBA, et al, and you won’t see a single second of advertising, either during the game or at commercials. This is the policy Australia needs.

  6. So the chages are still a waste of time! This is still promotion of gambling, obviously the advertisement revenue waives the moral obligation….
    I think tighter control ae needed!

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