Mr and Mrs Murder: May 1

2013-04-29_1503Fresh from an appearance in Nine’s House Husbands, Madeline West has a guest role this week in TEN’s Mr and Mrs Murder as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery.

Ivy, a beautiful young woman, has a decidedly ugly end when she lands in the garden below The Lavanya Centre, a cosmetic surgery clinic for the rich and famous.

Did Ivy intend the suicide as retribution against the clinic she had come to rely so heavily upon?

As Nicola and Charlie delve deeper, they learn that looks can be deceiving and it wasn’t a suicide after all.

Nicola’s compassion is piqued as she forms a bond with Ivy’s grieving sister, Emily, and her husband, Michael. But is this outpouring of grief genuine, or are they the crocodile tears of callous criminals?

Nicola learns that the victim’s not-so-good-doctor definitely had something to hide. But is Dr Mukajee the type to get his hands dirty? He certainly likes to keep a clean image. Could ever-faithful assistant, Rena, be the mystery intruder Charlie and Nicola found in Ivy’s apartment?

The sensual sculptures in Ivy’s apartment lead Nicola and Charlie to an artist who knows more than he lets on. What he reveals sends our couple on a course to uncovering a desperate killer who will do whatever it takes to keep up appearances.

8:30pm Wednesday May 1st TEN.


  1. Tonight is a big test for this program. No MKR, no the Voice on rival networks. If it doesn’t rate well tonight, it’s never going to rate well.

  2. This series had a lot of promise but it’s let down by suspension of disbelief issues. A dumb cop who, apparently through unrequited lust for the leading lady, spills the details of every crime to the cleaners and lets them investigate for him, a sickly sweet interplay between the two leads and their niece and several other problems with their ability to get witnesses to talk to them and allow them almost free reign to investigate each time.

    I’ll probably keep watching until the end of this season, but I doubt I’ll be back for another bite. It’s a pity as the acting (among the leads anyway) isn’t bad and it’s sometimes amusing, but in the end it hasn’t developed as needed to maintain interest.

  3. I really wanted to like this program, I like its stars, but I just can’t get into it. The premise is ridiculous, more so because the cop is so dim he has to have everything explained after the cleaners have solved the murder. We actually find it rather boring. Not sure if it’s meant to be a comedy or a drama, but it’s neither.


  4. I love this show, especially its humour and premise, but I think it needs a bit more energy and jeopardy. At the moment the pacing is flat, it ambles at a steady rate throughout, to the point where I often miss the reveal of the murderer because there’s no drama to it.

    Something needs to change to add rising tension so that the climactic reveal is actually the peak of the whole episode. It also needs a short breath afterwards instead of heading straight to end credits.

    Not that I know that much about writing for TV.

  5. I’ve been PVRing this since episode one, and now only beginning to watch it. I’m part way through episode two and really enjoying it. Kat and Shaun work so well together. I wish SBS would commission a short season run of Inspektor Herring – it was brilliant.

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