Oops. US news anchor drops live F-bomb

You just gotta love US regional news bulletins.

His name is A.J. Clemente and apparently he has graduated from West Virginia University, but possibly not in Media.

He doesn’t seem to know a lot about the risks of live microphones. Or syntax for that matter.

Update: A.J. has now been fired….

Warning: Language


  1. I kind of feel sorry for him, but seriously… how could his stuff up this much?

    Is he that stupid?

    @cronker, he confirmed on his Twitter that he didn’t say the word gay, and was just trying to pronounce a name, lol.

  2. F bomb & picking your nose…not a good start at all but I really don’t think you need to fire him…maybe give the poor guy a little more training…The female anchor certainly didn’t handle herself well either..

  3. That’s about as bad a start and abrupt an ending a would-be career could have. I never knew West Virginia was on the east coast…I guess it moved.

  4. Graduated from University? He seems hardly able to read, although I shouldn’t be surprised.
    The autocue is off to one side? Normally it’s below the camera so the reader is able to look down the lense, isn’t it?
    His use of the word ‘gay’ is derogatory.

  5. I feel so sorry for the poor guy :/ pity his nervous tick was broadcast to the audience and being told that went to air would have caused him to screw up his intro. . .

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