Q2 schedule makeovers

2013-04-30_0110Now that My Kitchen Rules is over, TV schedules are getting makeovers.

Seven has three weeks of Celebrity Splash before it will roll into House Rules. The Mole is also on the way. But while it awaits steady numbers for Celebrity Splash it is yet to lock in programming for this Sunday from 6:30 – 8:30. A Place to call Home has been well-received and should hold up Sundays regardless. Meanwhile Hannibal isn’t doing well and was pushed back from 9:30 to 10:30. Dependable Rafters stays the course amid on-going rumours that it will fold within 3 months.

Nine has been boxing at shadows with Seven, refusing to reveal its schedule to media while it awaits market reaction to Seven’s new shows. Celebrity Apprentice begins tonight, and Arrow tomorrow, but it still has not revealed its hand on The Great Australian Bake-Off, held off due to MKR. Meanwhile it is stepping up the pace on The Block, mindful that House Rules is looming. Whoever gets in first may have an advantage (both shows are ready to roll). Nine still has some problems to address at 8:30pm but The Voice is holding firm at 1.9m viewers or above at 7pm so the key is keeping them. Underbelly: Squizzy is tipped for June.

TEN’s outlook hovers around two drawcards: Offspring and MasterChef Australia. Offspring is set for late May, to replace Mr & Mrs Murder with a Gold Logie in tow for its star Asher Keddie. MasterChef has taken a hit this year due to the Professionals, and cooking fatigue from MKR. But the ‘amateur’ version of the show is invariably more appealing without the histrionics of its key rival. If Nine and Seven have renovation shows head to head maybe TEN could benefit for once. Also in the network arsenal is US drama The Americans, but it isn’t clear when it will launch.


  1. @ David, Thanks I am surprised a Second season is being considered. They must be really happy with the first season. I just imagined that they would do a Ch 9 and not commission a second series. Since it hasn’t aired I sort of thought they had given up.
    Good for the Aussie drama Industry if it goes ahead.

  2. Lol @ Reef doctors. If they wait too long it will become a period piece. Clearly it is not expected to reach a second series?!?!
    As with Block and House Rules I don’t know why they advertise for so long and cause viewer fatigue before it even launches.
    House Rules could be fresh compared to the Block, but the Block appears to be making an effort to be progressive.
    I will not watch both and will not watch either 5 nights a week!!
    The Block will slot in when Voice moves to a later time slot or when it finishes.

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