Returning: Mrs Brown’s Boys

2013-04-02_1333Saucy Irish comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys is coming back to Seven next week (you have been warned!).

The Brendan O’Carroll comedy returns with two new episodes on Thursday April 11 followed by a repeat.

The first ep is M Rated and runs at 8:30pm while the second at 9:30pm is MA.

8:30pm “Mammy Christmas “(M)
Mrs. Brown is visited by Father Damien, who tells her that she cannot play the Virgin Mary in the church nativity play as there will not be one this year, so Agnes decides her write her own version.

9:10pm “The Virgin Mammy” (MA)
Agnes prepares for her unorthodox nativity play, provisionally entitled Men Are Bastards, and finds parts for all the family and their friends. But when they take to the stage, things don’t exactly go to plan.

9:50pm “Mammy’s Ass” (M) Rpt.
With her son Trevor coming back from the missions abroad, Agnes Brown is determined to make this Christmas a truly special one. But in true Brown family fashion there are a couple of problems.

Seven precedes the series with Border Security: International at 8pm.
Suitcases of undeclared food may cost some Chinese students a lot more than the food is worth. An American marijuana user learns too late about Canadian drug laws. A criminal past threatens to keep an Australian tourist from the woman he loves.


  1. Isn’t the second episode at 9.10pm rather than 9.30pm – considering they are all just short of 30 minutes when broadcast here on the BBC (without ads) the first can’t be 60 minutes and the second 20 minutes – unless there is some questionable cut and pasting going on in order to meet the rating classification.

  2. @Rayne
    I believe TBBT is a lot more funnier then MBB. Ratings have shown TBBT gets about 15mill and MBB is hovering around 9mill well this is US V GBR

  3. Oh please, grow a funny bone! We get more laughs out of this than we do out of the so-called “comedies” from the US. Mrs Brown is must watch in our house 🙂

  4. This show is terrible. Reminds me of Ricky Gervais fictional show from Extras “When the Whistle Blows”.

    Are you having a laugh.

    Come on 7 have Some standards.

  5. @Mr. J
    Iirc it was rating extremely well and got 1.4mil and last year MC: AS it got around 800,000 v Olympics so I disagree the format is not dying but it could well and truly premiere after TBL finishes being on 3 times a week but MC: TP did well getting 1mil to 800,000 on Sundays despite the 450,000 on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    It will be an interesting Sunday to see how TBL rates if gets lower then 700,000 then I should see MCA get around 800,000. They need to air TBL twice a year

  6. @ William i disagree, we have had 3 seasons of masterchef in less than 12 months, feels like it is on 52 weeks a year and that is taking a toll on its ratings, let it rest for a few months and bring it back right at the end of the year.

  7. This show is a pass for me but I haven’t watched it at all. TEN will need to bring out MasterChef very shortly but after TV and MKR plus before TB and BB to get no.1 spot as they have done it before last year which it was a truly success

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