Returning: Sunday Night, Border Security, The Force, RSPCA Animal Rescue, Highway Patrol.

Seven has now confirmed its early evening Sunday line-up, including the return of Sunday Night.

snicSeven has now confirmed its early evening Sunday line-up this week, but it’s not clear if these are regular, weekly additions.

Sun May 5
6:30pm Sunday Night (special edition)
7:30pm Border Security
8:00pm The Force

Meanwhile there is only one Celebrity Splash episode next week, on Monday.

Tuesday May 7
7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue (dbl ep)

Wednesday May 8
7:30pm Highway Patrol
8:00pm The Force

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  1. seems like something has gone pear-shaped, surely this was not the original plan. i’d say House rules was originally planned to start this week but for one reason or another has been delayed a few weeks.

  2. I’ve said this before, but can’t Seven come up with something more original (and family friendly) than Border and The Force for Sundays? Surely The Mole would be perfect for that timeslot.

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