Soap pilot dedicated to Ronn Moss

A group of local performers hope a pilot project which satirises American daytime soaps has the attention of Ronn Moss.

2013-04-19_2206Former Bold & the Beautiful star Ronn Moss has tweeted his support for an Australian pilot project which satirises American soaps.

The Happiness, The Heartache takes aim at classic 1980s soaps when the shoulder pads were big and the hair even bigger. Hoping to crowd-fund the project, creator Lulu McClatchy (Bogan Pride) has assembled a cast of locals including Lawrence Mooney, Ryan O’Kane, Matt Hetherington, Daniel Fredricksen, Natasha Leigh, Perri Cummings, and Michelle McClatchy.

The script follows the lives of two dynasties, their entangled lives, passionate loves, manipulations, betrayals and victories in a world of outrageous glamour.

McClatchy hopes to crowd-fund the project to take it to PitchFest in LA.

“Daytime soaps have always been a passion of mine, I love that there are no limits to the storylines and that although they are played out as dramas, they are always slightly tongue in cheek. I have decided that sometimes the only way to explain your dream or concept to networks is to show them, which is why we are making the pilot first,” she said.

Ronn Moss has been following the progress from afar.

After McClatchy tweeted him: “Hearing you’re leaving B&B has left me so upset I’ve decided to do a tribute to your work. I’ll let you know when it’s ready,” he replied: “Will wait to see. Bet it’s great.”


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