TEN announces Wonderland cast

Michael Dorman and Brooke Satchwell head up the cast of TEN's new drama-romance.

WonderlandMichael Dorman and Brooke Satchwell head up the cast of TEN’s new drama-romance,  Wonderland.

The 22-part drama series from FremantleMedia Australia concentrates on four very different couples “navigating the humourous and sometimes painful minefield of love, friendship and life in the 21st century.”

Dorman (Wild Boys, The Secret Life Of Us, Blood Brothers) plays clever and charming bachelor Tom Wilcox while Satchwell (Packed To The Rafters, Tripping Over, White Collar Blue) appears as uptight, driven and politically correct Grace Barnes.

Other cast members include Jessica Tovey (Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, Mr & Mrs Murder) as Dani Varvaris, Tim Ross (Neighbours, Rush) as Steve Beaumont, Emma Lung (The Straits, Entourage) as Colette Riger, Ben Mingay (Packed To The Rafters) as Rob Duffy, and newcomers Glenn McMillan as Carlos Dos Santos and Anna Bamford as Miranda Beaumont.

Network Ten Executive Producer, Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Wonderland is an escapist treat with a great production team and with a perfectly-balanced ensemble cast. As the song says: the world really is wonderful and we can’t wait to showcase this new series on TEN.”

Co-creator Jo Porter, added: “Wonderland takes us inside the world of a group of couples and friends who live life in all its complexity.

“This is a warm, light-hearted and engaging drama and I am proud of the exciting ensemble of Australia’s brightest and freshest actors we have playing these roles. I can’t wait for our audience to meet and fall in love with them too.”

Set in a beach-side apartment building and filmed in various locations in and around Sydney, the series is co-created by Sarah Walker and produced by Andy Walker.

It is due to air later this year on TEN.

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  1. What’s wrong with winners and losers? I much prefer relationship dramas to the endless crime procedurals shows that fill our screens and are repeated endlessly. I will give this try. I hope its better than Mr and Mrs murder. I gave that a good try but after a few episodes it simply wasn’t for me.

  2. lol @ ghghgh20_211, you do realise that Jo Porter is the series producer of ‘crap’ like PTTR and many other ch7 dramas.

    @DanR, Austrlaias 2 biggest dramas, PTTR and W&L both have 22ep seasons, and shorter length series have a very high flop rate, I don’t think its a problem, ten need the content badly, their schedule is so empty, but that said this obviously cant air all 22 eps in 2013 if it is only starting filming now, so it will probably be aired as if it were 2 seasons of 10-12 eps.

  3. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before 7 announces the end of The Rafters doesn’t it David?
    As much as Erik Thomson said there “…was a sort of end” I just hope the producers don’t “kind of” finish it off. I’ve invested in the show, missed maybe one or two eps. Good to see Ms Satchwell well and truly back on the screens again though.

  4. A group of 20-30 something’s, ‘navigating the humourous and sometimes painful minefield of love, friendship and life in the 21st century..’ and all set in a beach-side apartment building.. didn’t The Secret Life Of Us do this ten years ago?

    Then again, TEN do drama very well so will most likely watch.

  5. Nice cast. Love Brooke.

    But how does it fit the “smart, different, authentic” brief – it’s a relationship drama – do we really need another one?

    Let’s just hope it delivers something that will work but it does seem like a very recycled idea – in a Home and Away sort of way.

  6. 22 episodes does seem a lot for a show that seems like is hasn’t got a real driven plot…

    What it seems to be right now is: “Lots of young, white, straight people have sex and then fall in love”

    I became a real Jessica Tovey fan after Paper Giants, so I am keen to see what else she can do.

  7. Always looked forward to this show as soon as i heard it was coming. Sounds amazing and a great cast too.

    hope the viewers fall in love with it too. if australians can fall in love with the crap 7 put out (winners and loser, packed to the rafters) i’m sure they can easily fall in love with this!

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