TEN bets on the baby

2013-04-30_0154TEN has picked up the format rights to a new game show Bet on Your Baby.

This debuted earlier this month on ABC in the US.

The series sees parents try to predict what their two or three-year-old child will do when presented with certain challenges, such as stacking cookies or knocking down blocks.

“It works for everyone from two- to 80-year-olds. It works for family audiences so Saturday feels like the right spot for it,” Electus International president John Pollak told C21.

“There’s not a lot of programming out there. There’s a lot targeted for specific audiences and specific demos but this one really does hit everybody.”

Here’s a segment from ET:


  1. Despite the gloom and doom I think it’s great that channel ten are looking to provide a family friendly light entertainment option for Saturday viewing.

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