TEN board sacks new CEO, Gina Rinehart takes charge.

Exclusive: More drama at TEN as the board sacks its new CEO and installs Gina Rinehart as boss.

ginarEXCLUSIVE: The Board of Network TEN has sacked its new CEO Hamish McLennan after just 2 weeks in the role and appointed shareholder Gina Rinehart to the top job.

The WA billionaire becomes the sixth CEO at the struggling network in just over two years.

McLennan, a former News Corporation executive, is believed to have been dismissed by the Board after failing to lift the ratings during his first two weeks in the job.

Sources say Board members argued that he was perceived to be spending too much time at the Grand Prix in Melbourne and parties in Canberra when he should have been focussed on lifting the network’s performance. The Board has acted immediately, determined to show advertisers it means business.

A source told TV Tonight,”Hanging around with F1 drivers in Melbourne and sipping champers with the media -it just wasn’t a good look when MasterChef was barely in front of SBS. In his first week in the job he went off to Canberra to schmooze with the Press Gallery and politicians. That might be the way to do things with Rupert but not around here.”

A TEN spokesperson declined to thank McLennan for his weeks of service, issuing a blunt statement: “We will not be renewing Hamish’s contract, the details of which we will not discuss publicly.”

Lachlan Murdoch is understood to have put himself forward as Interim CEO once again but Board members howled down the idea in a heated debate. The words “Everybody Dance Now are said to have been exchanged.

With shareholder Bruce Gordon currently embroiled in WIN Television’s legal stoush, the only option was to appoint Rinehart, who has immediately embarked on a hardline approach to turn the network around.

Charlie Pickering has been axed from The Project for his ‘pinky, lefto tree-hugging’ views and the show itself has been trimmed to 30 minutes and bumped to 4pm weekdays. In its place is an expanded, weeknight edition of The Bolt Report.

Dan Ilic has been given his marching orders from Can of Worms for his ‘pinky, lefto tree-hugging’ views and for every ‘smart-arse YouTube clip he has ever and will ever create.’

New quiz show Who Wants to be a Billionaire? will go head to head with Eddie McGuire’s Hot Seat.

Offspring has been axed because of its obvious references to family and siblings. It will be replaced by Family Feud.

In a new crossover idea, all three MasterChef judges will now become contestants on The Biggest Loser.

Adam Boland has been told to cut costs on his new breakfast TV project and will now appear as presenter as well as producer. There are unconfirmed reports he is trying to entice Jerry Seinfeld to co-host, wearing a knitted tie.

Russel Howcroft has been banned from ABC’s Gruen Planet and told to front a new show about the strategies behind selling iron ore and the ways in which it can add to our quality of life. A new Creative Development Unit has been set up to devise a title.

Also coming are The Miner Wants a Wife and  Prospecting with the Stars.

TEN Programmer Beverley McGarvey insisted, “We have developed another new schedule that builds consistency yet again, with shows that are smart, different, authentic and screen with their own stock exchange ticker.”

After months of prolonged under-performance, advertisers and media buyers are said to be encouraged by the network’s new direction.

“Why didn’t they give her the keys to the network ages ago?” a source asked.

“It’s a very big ask, but if Gina can turn the network’s fortunes around, it will be a miner miracle.”

Update: April Fools everyone! Thanks for playing.

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  1. Damn that! Totally forgot it was April Fools Day! Your a smart one, David. That’s a very good one. You bloody tricked me good. I was hoping it was all true, i was liking the new line-up. And on top of all that, i told everyone about it! LOL! That was Gold!! Logie.

  2. Love your style of starting out somewhat believable then gradually getting more rediculous.

    But disappointed there aren’t as many people falling for it and writing a lengthy comment in disgust, always good for a laugh.

  3. I’m sorry but when did people start getting fired when they expressed their own politically slants??? I thought this was a free and democratic society. This smacks of trying to turn Ten into the extreme right wing Fox News network. I worry when media is used to control what biased information is being released to the public for the people at the top to then influence political and financial outcomes for their own benefit.

  4. What a good effort, one of your best!
    It didn’t fool me long, but that delay between clicking on the headline link and your article appearing was one of the longest of my life! A shocking moment, thanks for the adrenaline David!
    BTW – I see that the ABC newspage has listed your gag as one of the best 1st April jokes so far.

  5. Just when we thought we’d seen the last of Paul Henry on our shores….Gina brings him back…. Co-hosting Brreakfast 7 days a week with Andrew Bolt….reading the 5 O’clock and late news….Terrific

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