1. mestillcool

    Scary how Celebrity Splash can still pull over a million. If this show aired on any other channel, it would be lucky to pull half of that number already!

  2. Seven can’t scratch their nose without checking with Nine first…They poach staff, shows & promos… Saw a promo for House Rules that showed lots of bitchiness & arguments…Why do Seven have to stoop so low with their shows to get viewers…Give me The Block & MasterChef over House Rules & MKR anytime.

  3. survivorfan989

    Firing Prinnie on Celebrity Apprentice was absolutely ridiculous when it clearly should have been Prue, or even Layla if we want to talk about it being a ‘money’ issue, but Prinnie did nothing wrong! I’ve watched versions of ‘The Apprentice’ for years and firing someone for not raising enough money is just stupid, especially in a first episode, when she did nothing wrong in the challenge! And what’s with Mark changing the rules not letting Dawn take only Prue & Steph but having all the women kept back just so that he could fire Prinnie! Can someone say rigged?? I was really looking forward to this season but I refuse to continue watching it now.

  4. tried to watch celebrity apprentice last night gave up after 20mins where were all the celebrties . there were none .what a load of rubbish this show is .some guy from the afl and some publisict never heard of these people they were not even D grade celebrities. this type of show needs real celebrities for it to succeed.

  5. The heading says Celebrity Splash and Celebrity Apprentice take a dive, but the biggest dive seems to be Packed to the Rafters. Only 1.08M viewers! PTTR used to be watched by 1.6 – 1.8 M regularly.

  6. Seven will be very happy with 1m for Celebrity Splash. By stretching the finals of MKR out till after Easter and running Celebrity Splash they have carved over 300k viewers of The Voice compared to last year.

    And compared to TBL it is doing great.

  7. For every million watching this trash TV there are another several million doing something else. Celebrity Splash? Really, as a society we’ve stooped that low?

  8. I agree. Showing an ‘old’ movie e.g repeats Is not good programming. What are you waiign for. More viewers to download content? Switch off TV and reudce your advertising revenue even further?

  9. I have always been a huge fan of any ‘music talent show’ – but have given up on The Voice Australia – reason being, I cannot hear their voices over the ever increasing crowd noise. I suggest the sound manager checks out how things are done at f.ex. American Idol – where the public can be heard showing their support – in the background, where it belongs.

  10. haha – I would like to say I’m stunned a network would schedule and air a movie repeat during the week, but nothing these stations do surprise me much anymore. Happy to see the amateur diving league is dropping viewers…

  11. Seven won’t be upset with Splash numbers. They know House Rules starts in three weeks. And it’s still more than double what Ten got.

  12. carolemorrissey

    Can’t believe that ridiculous Celebrity Splash beat Celebrity Apprentice. I agree, it’s ridiculous 7 having repeats of movies on Tuesday nights when they have plenty of shows they can be showing, such as Suits or Body Of Proof. I notice Covert Affairs starts in the US in July, wonder if we’ll get it then too or have to wait till Christmas like last year. Pulling Private Practice when there are only 4 episodes left is ridiculous.

  13. Ten needs to bring back Australian Idol quickly where is The Voice is bad compared to last year with all minor changes that it had this year compared to last year. NCIS is the best show on Ten with the ratings that its getting

  14. The only “celebrity” show I would love to watch is Celebrity Bitchfight/Deathmatch.
    1.5 to 2 hours for a silly diving show was far too long. Packed to the Rafters took a hit beacuse of it.

  15. C’mon Seven, stop being so lazy with the old movies that everyone who wants to see them has already seen them a dozen times before.

    They are tanking – you have plenty of product that you are stopping and starting whenever you feel like it – such as How I met your Mother, Private Practice, Suits and 30 Rock that could easily fill the void.

    Let’s have decent programming after 9.30 Tuesdays please. I notice Nine has dropped new episodes of Two and Half Men and Anger Management next week to follow your lead and lazily show an old often repeated movie.

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