Airdate: Beauty and the Beast

2013-05-15_1606TEN will premiere US drama Beauty and the Beast, starring Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk, next week.

The show will replace The Good Wife which has its season final tonight and premiere at 9:30pm Wednesday May 22, following the premiere of Offspring.

Vincent Keller underwent a military experiment which turned him into a “Beast” when enraged. He teams up with Detective Catherine Chandler after he saves her from the murderer who killed her mother.

The show was originally planned for ELEVEN but now shifts to TEN.

It has been renewed for a second season.


  1. why wouldn’t it rate on 11? it’s not like people don’t know there are more digital channels available. with analogue disappearing why not take a chance?

  2. Beauty and The Beast had to move from Monday night anyway.

    With Can of Worms being bumped and Revenge’s numbers being down, Ten have decided to launch The Americans on Monday night. Not much point in trying to launch BaB against their own new show.

  3. @Josh777
    In primetime on Monday 10 had a share of 10.3%, 11 was 2.6% or 1/4 the size. You can’t get a large number of people checking out a show on secondary channel.

    And the ratings there will around half what a show would get on a primary channel and you get less $/view because TV advertisers aren’t interested in reaching small audiences (internet advertising is more efficient at that).

    Secondary channels are for cheap stuff that won’t rate on a main channel, and are used to play demographic games sniping at rivals.

    The success of Arrow will have emboldened Ten to give Beauty And The Beast ago on Ten. It’s not like they have a lot to lose.

  4. The Good Wife was only rating 292k. Beauty and The Beast would get more than that for the first episode at least and should pair well with Offspring.

    So why put it on Eleven where it would rate 150k, at least to start with.

    I’ll check it out but why is Wednesday 9:30pm suddenly the Network’s only slot for interesting shows. I guess because The Voice only goes as far as Tuesdays.

  5. why would they even consider putting this on Ten?

    with Supernatural on 11 finishing soon there’s a slot there opened up for something until its return. they should have used that Wednesday slot for Touch on Ten and have Beauty and the Beast on Mondays on 11, although Im sure they will encore it on 11 anyway.

  6. I like the look of the promos for this but the reviews out of the U.S. aren’t very comforting. Nevertheless I’ll give it a try but a stupid move having it on TEN when it is perfect for ELEVEN. The sooner the FTA networks realise that it is ok for programs to premiere and stay on sister channels, and not just be the dumping grounds for shows that don’t work on the primary channels, the better!

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