Airdate: Croc College

2013-05-15_1238Next week ABC1 begins  Croc College a 6 part series on “Australia’s most dangerous training course –saltwater crocodile wrangling, led by croc legend John Lever.” I’m not going to argue with that!

This is narrated by John Jarratt and produced by Travelling Tale Productions in association with Smoking Gun Productions.

Foreign Correspondent returns in August.

Croc College follows six ordinary Australians as they embark on one of the most thrilling and dangerous training courses Australia has to offer. Led by Queensland croc legend John Lever,the students learn how to handle,farm and manage the world’s oldest and largest living reptile – the saltwater crocodile. They also study the hardcore and sometimes ethically confronting business side to croc farming, and some take part in a groundbreaking scientific artificial insemination project.

John Lever has been working in the crocodile industry for 40 years, both in Australia and overseas.He knows almost everything there is to know about the Australian ‘salty’ and is eager to train the next generation of‘crocodile people’.

At John’s crocodile farm ‘Koorana’, just outside Rockhampton in tropical Queensland, he teaches the students how to capture crocodiles, move them, collect their eggs and raise the babies. The students learn how to interpret the animals’ behaviour, how to determine their sex, prepare their food, set traps to capture them in the wild, and kill, butcher and skin adult crocs for meat and leather. Croc College is not for the faint‐hearted, and it challenges this group of men and women like never before.

8pm Tuesday 21 May ABC1.

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