Airdate: David Attenborough’s 60 Years In The Wild. Bumped: Can of Worms, Hawaii Five-0

TEN is making changes to its Monday line-up after unacceptable numbers for several of its shows.

2013-05-02_0009TEN is making changes to its Monday line-up from next week after unacceptable numbers for several of its shows.

From 8:30pm it screens a new David Attenborough series, which means Can of Worms is pushed back to 9:30pm.

8:30pm David Attenborough’s 60 Years In The Wild.
David Attenborough has witnessed how our planet has changed more rapidly & extensively than ever before. He discusses wildlife filming techniques that have shown animals in a way never seen before.

9:30pm Can of Worms
Guests: Felicity Ward, Julie Bishop MP & Kris Smith.

This sees Can of Worms going head to head with Q & A which is unfortunate as both are topic-based discussion shows.

The new Attenborough series premiered in the UK in November.

Updated: Hawaii Five-0 moves to a day earlier, 10:30pm Sunday May 5.

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  1. Ten have been playing Hawaii Five O in a consistent timeslot since late last year and have stuck by it even with its abysmal ratings. I think its time some of you just admit it doesn’t resonate with Australian audiences.

    I think David Attenborough could work on Mondays as it skews older and broader than House Husbands/Revenge. Can of Worms later in the week is also a great idea, but I’m guessing due to the live element it would prove tricky to change the night.

  2. H50 has abysmal ratings because Channel Ten wouldn’t know how to promote a show. If they would promote it – and I don’t mean saturate like they do with Masterchef , maybe people would realize it’s still on. Yes I like Can of Worms but a lot of people don’t like that style of program and are distracted by the crap on the other stations.

    At least on Sunday nights it might do better, but who knows if they leave Graham Norton on at 930.

    Only the loyal fans will seek out a program, the casual watcher will find something else to watch if the network keeps jerking them around. Which seems to be Ten’s specialty.

  3. Revenge is a huge hit and rates well, so no matter what 10 put up against it, won’t do well. But they have to put something on then, they can’t have an hour of a blank TV screen. Much as some people may prefer that!!!!!

  4. I didn’t realise nature documentaries were now for adults only.

    Isn’t that what programs aired after 8.30pm are?

    I agree that Ten had to do something about the woeful ratings for CofW and H50 – but to replace it with a nature documentary on Monday nights?

    Haven’t the Ten executives noticed that Attenborough’s documentaries rated through the roof when Nine aired them on 6.30pm Sundays?

    You know – an hour or so before the kiddies are sent to bed on Sunday nights before school the next morning?

    My Monday night schedule would have been 7.30pm – Bondi Rescue/Bondi Vet
    8:30pm – Reef Doctors
    9:30pm – Can of Worms

    an all-Australian made Monday night to compete against The Voice/Celebrity Splash and House Rules.

    They still won’t win – but they might manage to come in third – ahead of ABC.

  5. I love H50 but obviously its ratings are awful for TEN and a change had to be made, but I’m glad that they have just changed timeslots and not dropped it completely like they did last season. Can of Worms is a terrific show and much like The Project doesn’t get enough credit. Unfortunately, it is going up against an even harder timeslot so I doubt it will do much, if any, better. Monday and Wednesday nights are just packed with great content on both FTA and STV so I think TEN would have been better moving it to Thursday where they have a SVU repeat and it’s only competition is European sitcoms and Football panel shows.

  6. Don’t think an Attenborough programme will do better but agree something had to give in that slot. Instead of 9.30 Mondays though, I’d think Can Of Worms would do better at 9.30 on Wednesdays, following an Aussie drama.

    Am also guessing that Can Of Worms is no longer live either!?

  7. I hope the Attenborough thing is repeated on the weekend as well. Too much in that time slot already. Agree about Hawaii Five-0 with only 4 more to go, they are as bad as 7 pulling Private Practice with only 4 to go. Didn’t 10 do that with the last season of Hawaii Five-0? When it came back this year it was the last few from last season and just went straight to the next season. Wish they would all get their acts together.

  8. They keep doing this to Hawaii Five-0, it is sooooooo annoying. I always tape Can Of Worms on Thursday night as there is too much on Monday night in that timeslot. And it’s repeated on Saturday night as well.

  9. I have stopped watching can of worms because there is just too much to watch on a Monday night now. I would have checked it out occasionally depending on the guests but I think 9.30pm is a harder timeslot. Its currently up against footy classified and greys anatomy.

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