Airdate: Our Queen

This two part documentary enjoys remarkable access to the Royals during the Diamond Jubilee.

Picture Shows: The Queen and PM David Cameron at Private Audience in BPOur Queen, a two part documentary on Queen Elizabeth II was filmed during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

It enjoys remarkable access to the Royals during this time. If you enjoyed The Diamond Queen this will effectively serve as a partner programme.

“The thing about granny is that she’s moved with the times and I think people are sort of astounded by her.” – HRH Princess Eugenie

Our Queen is an in-depth two-part observational documentary series that is a portrait of the world’s most famous woman by award-winning producer/director Michael Waldman and bestselling royal writer Robert Hardman. Our Queen charts an extraordinary year in the life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

With unique access to her family, to her staff, to her prime ministers and to her palaces during the triumphal Diamond Jubilee year, Our Queen is an enthralling study of the Sovereign today.

A world leader since the age of 25, how does she retain her hold on the nation’s affections when political and social currents have transformed so much around her?

How does she stay true to the past, yet adapt to the present?

This fascinating, observational documentary series is a study of leadership, judgement and character, of spectacular pageantry but also of great warmth and poignancy as it shows what this truly modern monarch means to Britain and the world.

8:30pm Thursday May 9 and 16 ABC1.

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