Airdate: Spontaneous Saturday

2013-05-19_1742I nearly missed spying Spontaneous Saturday buried in tonight’s TV Guide on SBS 2, but if you’re looking for something different this might tickle your fancy.

Presented by actor Geoff Paine, this is a topical improv comedy and variety show that aims to provoke and incite good old fashioned belly laughs and fun. With a crack team of Australia’s best-loved improv comedy performers, celebrity guests, breakout musical artists and Australia’s most awesome comedy band, the show is steeped in popular culture and current affairs where nothing and no-one is safe from being lampooned.

I haven’t seen this one but appearing in a YouTube promo of the show are Jordan Raskopolous and even Dicko -and possibly a bit of Slide Show before Slide Show

8:40pm Monday SBS 2.


  1. @Honkster.. I’d hardly call 8.40pm on a Monday ‘zombie o’clock’. Also looks like a perfect fit for SBS 2’s new target demographic to me..

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